The weather forecast said that it will get warmer here soon. We don’t know if you should believe that, but you surely can believe us, when we say, that this week is again full of art, music, films and nights at the museum(s).
Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo’s personal exhibition “Immediate Gratification”
3 May – 28 May
Tartu Art House
In “Immediate Gratification”, Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo exhibits ekphrastic and mechanically accurate descriptions of photos from the news media of the previous year. He counts on our shared experiences for an identical understanding of not merely the description “sunset on the seashore” but also of somewhat more complex everyday images.
Main exhibition of the 7th Applied Art Triennial
22 Apr – 23 Jul
Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design
The main exhibition “Ajavahe. Time Difference” displays jewellery, glass, textile, blacksmithing and ceramics. Applied artists and designers react to current issues, using their own particular means of expression. The subjective nature of a person’s sense of time is contemplated through traditional and smaller formats, as well as video and large-scale installations.
The City Day of Tallinn 2017
14 May – 15 May
Tallinna linn
The City Day of Tallinn was initiated to value the history of the city and being the citizen of Tallinn, as well as to introduce the present and the past of Estonian capital among us and abroad.
Tallinn Marketing Week
15 May – 19 May
Tallinn Creative Hub
Marketing Institute is this year organising an ambitious international marketing week from 15 to 19 May in Estonia, where participants can attend ten different international marketing seminars and three practical workshop at Kultuurikatel over five days. More than thirty marketing professionals from home and abroad will relay their expertise.
1st Tallinn Dance Celebration “City Flight”
15 May
Tondiraba Ice Rink
The first dance celebration of Tallinn tells the story of the children, youngsters, and adults of the capital, and our activities through the four seasons. Dances move through different parts of the city, parks, high-rises and wooden buildings, across the hills to the seaside and the heart of the town. More than 1600 residents of Tallinn from 100 folk dance groups dance at the city flight over Tallinn.
Kumu Documentary: “Burden”
17 May
Kumu auditorium
For more than 45 years, Chris Burden’s work has consistently challenged ideas about the limits and nature of modern art. His pioneering and often dangerous performance works of the 1970s earned Burden a place in art history books while still in his early 20s. He had himself shot (“Shoot”, 1971), locked up (“Five Day Locker Piece”, 1971), electrocuted (“Doorway to Heaven”, 1973), cut (“Through the Night Softly”, 1973), crucified (“Trans-fixed”, 1974), and advertised on television (“4 TV Ads”, 1973–77). But as the 70s progressed, Burden became disillusioned with the expectations and misconceptions based on his early works and, as the pressure grew, the line between his life and his art blurred.
Tartu Indiefest 2017
18 May – 20 May
Indiefest is an alternative music festival that brings the newest, most interesting and mind-blowing artists from Europe and Estonia to Tartu.
40th Türi Flower Fair
19 May – 21 May
The Flower Fair will take place in Türi for the 40th time on May 19-21, 2017. Around 700-800 traders will offer their goods at Türi Flower Fair and tens of thousands of people visit. Gardening centres, arboretums and private gardeners make plenty of offers, from which every gardening enthusiast can find something suitable for their garden.
Night of Museums
20 May
All over Estonia
During this Saturday evening in May the museums and other memory institutions open their doors at a later time and free of charge to celebrate the all-European Night of Museums (Muuseumiöö).
International festival “JazzTime”
20 May – 21 May
“JazzTime 2017” will be taking place from on 20-21 of May in Sillamäe, Estonia. Festival programm consists of open-air concerts, evening concerts in Sillamäe Cultural Center, various workshops and jam-session.
Lavassaare antiquities fair and inspection of brass bands
21 May
Brass music has very old traditions and needs to be made more visible, and the people’s interest towards antiquities has grown over the years as well. Why not then meet at Lavassaare – enjoy the fair atmosphere and brass music, visit the railway museum and go on a train ride?!