The Song Festival Week is upon us and also many other important events take place. Take out your dancing shoes and your umbrellas and enjoy because the sweetest time of the year has arrived.

Song Festival Week: tours of the exhibition “Conductors of Colour. Music and Modernity in Estonian Art”
29 Jun
Kumu Art Museum
In honour of the 12th Youth Song and Dance Celebration, the Kumu Art Museum will be celebrating Song Festival Week. From Tuesday to Thursday, visitors will have a chance to participate in tours of the exhibition Conductors of Colour. Music and Modernity in Estonian Art. From the first song festival through the Singing Revolution and beyond, music has played a fundamental role in Estonian history, culture and identity.
12th Estonian Youth Song and Dance Celebration “Mina jään”
30 Jun – 2 Jul
Tallinn Song Festival Grounds / Kalev Central Stadium
The participants of the 12th Estonian Youth Song and Dance Celebration belong to the generation that was born in a free Estonia. For them, the world is open but their roots will still connect them to this land. These are the youngsters whose values and deeds are only starting to form the path of Estonian state and people. The song celebration highlights the work of a new young generation of composers, and, in addition to experienced conductors, several young conductors obtain their first song celebration experience.
Kassari guitars 2017
30 Jun – 1 Jul
Orjaku Village House
The concerts of the guitar music days take place on the small island of Kassari in Hiiumaa for the fourth time. Programme involves artists like Marie Vaigla & Raul Vaigla, Tõnu Timm (Tõun), Robert Jürjendal and  Mick Pedaja.
Käre folk
1 Jul
Käre festival grounds
An unspeakably cool family folk celebration on the shore of the ancient border river of Setomaa – this is Käre folk! The folk party takes place on Käre festival grounds in Mikitamäe parish, Põlva county (8 km from Räpina). During the folk celebration, there is a sauna area free for the use of party guests on the shore of the river! Guests can also take a cooling dip in the river. In addition to good music, good food and drink can be enjoyed at the celebration, as well as different exciting attractions.
21st International Muhu Future Music Festival “Juu Jääb 2017”
28 Jun – 1 Jul
Muhu Island area / Saaremaa Island
Festival “Juu Jääb” is a cultural event on the tiny island called Muhu, (neighbour island of Saaremaa) in West Estonia. International Muhu Future Music Festival “Juu Jääb” (since 1997) is an annual summer festival in Estonia which brings together musicians and artists all around the world. Artists from USA, UK, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Mongolia, France, Finland, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Faroe Islands, Italy, Nigeria, Denmark, Canada, Columbia, Sweden and of course from Estonia have been taken part in the “Juu Jääb” festival during last 20 years. “Juu Jääb 2017” will celebrate its 21st edition during June 28th – July 1st on Muhu and Saaremaa islands.
25th Rapla Church Music Festival
28 Jun – 9 Jul
Rapla County
The festival was established in 1993 in collaboration with Finnish church musicians with the objective of introducing the world’s plentiful music heritage to the audience. Over the years, numerous works belonging to the gold pool of classical music and several large forms have been performed. In 1997, the festival left the walls of Rapla’s Mary-Magdalene Church and it has now reached other Estonian towns and counties. Professional music has sounded in small village churches of Rapla county, Tallinn and Haapsalu, and chamber concerts have also taken place in the beautiful manor houses of Estonia
Haapsalu Tchaikovsky Festival
28 Jun – 1 Jul
The first Tchaikovsky Festival is before you. You are free to listen to the classical concerts by the leading Russian theatre Moscow Novaya Opera in the Haapsalu Castle Yard, experience the chamber concerts, the thematic walks in Tchaikovsky’s paths, the children’s concerts and, of course, the Estonian National Ballet’s grand open air performance “Swans” on the lake Väike Viik in Haapsalu.
Tartu City Day 2017 – Opera Crosses Over vol. 2
29 Jun
Much fun and many activities take place on every 29 June in Tartu – the City Day is turning into an easy to navigate mini-festival of opera and other beautiful, occasionally a bit unusual forms and crossovers of classical music. On June 29 opera and soloists will once again have a blast in the city centre. This summer, as they take to the city, much loved Estonian actors will join them to make opera cross over into concerts and performances that will force different genres to melt together beautifully and make people think twice before writing off any type of music out of being unaccustomed to it.
Festival “Into the Valley”
29 Jun – 1 Jul
Rummu Quarry
Into the Valley is held on 29 June to 1 July in Rummu Quarry, about 45 minutes from Tallinn. The place boasts a small beach with a crystalline lake where festival visitors can cool off occasionally. The abandoned prison that frames the area gives a mysterious and slightly rough feeling, and the camping area outside the festival site is enormously large, which provides very good conditions for camping guests.
International Street Organ Festival
29 Jun – 2 Jul
The first Estonian Street Organ Festival took place in 2005 and that was the beginning of a nice cultural tradition. During the years, the festival has introduced Estonia to the people from other countries and offered Estonian people a chance to enjoy western culture and the beautiful world of the mechanical music.