Step closer and come right in! We have recommendations from chamber music to street food, from a film festival to manor glam, and from art festivities to tourist tours.
Festival Manor Games
Different places
In 2017, the chamber musicians’ festival Manor Games is held for the ninth time. Performers are interprets from Estonia, France, Russia and the United States. All summer concerts are more or less associated with the Baltic German musical culture and the history of manor concert halls – the festival will preserve the cultural heritage of the concert halls and brings it to the public.
Concert “Music Is the Sea”
Tallinn Town Hall
A concert dedicated to the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia will take place at the Tallinn Town Hall. Musicians from three neighboring countries, Estonia, Norway, and England, will perform in the concert. The concert program will feature works by Estonian, Italian, Spanish and Norwegian composers. You will hear how the kantele, the guitar, and voices merge together in modern performance. Each item is unique.
Viljandi Art Festival “QQ”
QQ / Viljandi Art Festival will be held for the first time and its goal is to create an international activity platform and meeting place bridging and involving different fields of art. Within one month, from August 18 until September 17, a small town – Viljandi – becomes a canvas and exhibition site for international artists – cultural events and interactive activities take place every day: joint youth art performances, street art sessions, sound performances, installations in an urban space, art circus, light installation and light sculptures, environmental art, café exhibitions, open-house art exhibitions and gallery exhibitions; and also: outdoor cinema, poetry slam, dance performances, concerts, guided walks in town.
Street Food Festival – Haapsalu’s Promenade of Flavours
The festival takes place in the Old Town and on that day, the entire Karja Street becomes a promenade of flavors. Haapsalu welcomes anyone to the festival who has a passion for food, flavors, and summer in Haapsalu.
Film Roll Festival 2017: ULM
Järva-Jaani Old Equipment Shelter
This is an homage to the art of film and cinema. This special festival of the end of summer, slightly mystical, reminiscent of an enchanting dream. Good music, great films and cozy atmosphere. Because time flows differently in the middle of the old buses, trams, and trolleybuses in Järva-Jaani.
13th Tallinn Chamber Music Festival
One of the major classical music events in Estonia takes place in the most beautiful churches and auditoriums of Tallinn. The classic music festival of Estonia’s beautiful capital takes place over a short period of time and gives the audience an opportunity of enjoying a large number of performances by the top musicians of Estonia as well as foreign guests and young talents, gracing and enriching the cultural scene of Tallinn and the whole Estonia in the process.
Manor Culture Festival
Anija Manor
535 years have passed since Anija Manor was first mentioned in historical records. To celebrate the anniversary, manors are welcome to present themselves at the Manor Culture Festival, a country folks fair will take place, and a lot else exciting.
Tours of Tall Hermann tower
Governor’s Garden
On the Day of Restoration of Independence, August 20, guests are welcome to visit the Tall Hermann tower from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m.