This week there are so many different events happening, that  we recommend you move around on wheels and wear comfortable shoes.

6th Supilinn Days
17 Apr – 23 Apr 2017
Supilinna kiigeplats

You know the spring is really on, when the Supilinna Days  start. It is the festival of Tartu Supilinn District, which is held together with family, friends, and great guests. Supilinn Days is both a harbinger of spring as well as a meeting place. There is music and literature, sports and recreation.

11th Japanese Animation Film Festival JAFF
14 Apr – 23 Apr 2017
All over Estonoia

The festival features various programmes, from Japanese cuisine to school films, that introduce you to the best new and old movies of all kinds and shapes. JAFF ends with an annual party – Animemöll – in Solaris centre featuring cosplay, lectures, demonstrations and much more!

Marko Mäetamm’s solo exhibition “I’m Only Streaming”
31 Mar – 30 Apr
Tallinn City Gallery

A new beginning for Marko Mäetamm at Tallinn City Gallery. The painter, who has mainly been inspired by family life over the past decade, is now turning his attention to the wars, catastrophes and other emergencies raging around the world and the willing and unwilling powerlessness of normal people in regard to these subjects.

18 Apr – 26 May 2017

The dance festival “KorFest” of the choreography department of Tallinn University takes place again. There will be lots of young talents and great new choreography to enjoy.

Kumu Documentary: “Amazona”
19 Apr
Kumu auditorium

What makes someone a good mother? After the tragic death of her eldest daughter, Val left her kids and family behind and escaped into the Colombian jungle to search for her identity. Clare Weiskopf, the director of this film, was 11 years old at the time and couldn’t understand what her mother was looking for. Thirty years later, when she becomes pregnant, she decides to confront her mother, heal the wounds of the past and try to define motherhood in her own terms.

Dag Sørås – Cognitive Dissonance
19 Apr/20 Apr
GenClub/Von Krahl Theatre

Dag Sørås started doing stand-up in 2002, in a last, desperate attempt to catch the attention of a girl he liked. It worked out. We do not know if he got the girlb, but since then he has gained a reputation for being one of his country’s most innovative and prolific comics, which has earned him awards for both «best newcomer» and «comic of the year».

15th International Choir Festival “Tallinn 2017”
20 Apr – 22 Apr
Various locations in Tallinn

The choir festival is for amateur choirs in all choral categories and includes the choral contest and concerts in the concert halls of Tallinn. But because Estonia is so rich with singing voices, then even the amateurs sound great.

Hayao Miyazaki’s retrospective
20 Apr – 23 Apr
Cinema Sõprus

We are sure you have heard of legendary animes like “My Neighbor Totoro” (1988), “Princess Mononoke” (1997) or “Spirited Away” (2001) Here is a chance to see them! Living legend Hayao Miyazaki is the master of the animation genre, whose half a century long career has gathered huge numbers of fans in both the West and the East. In Miyazaki’s enchanting film worlds, the beautiful visual language meets with magic mixed with reality, and natural environments contrast with the artificial.

Folk music concert “Path of a Bird”
20/ 21 Apr
Kumu auditorium/Estonian National Museum

It is important for everyone, to feel a part of something and here is a concert, that celebrates all that. The concert “Path of a Bird” is dedicated to the anniversary of the Finno-Ugrian Society, which promotes cultural contacts between Finno-Ugrian peoples.

17th Estonian Folk Music Arrangements Festival “Moisekatsi Elohelü”
21 Apr – 22 Apr
Mooste Manor

On Saturday music will take over the whole territory of Mooste Manor. The Open Stage, Barn Theatre, Vodka Factory, and other buildings are open, there will be a bonfire in the silo tower for people to sing around. The evening culminates with a big competition concert in the Folk Chamber, where the flight of fantasy and interpretation skills of musicians will be tested.

Dénes Farkas’ personal exhibition “How-to-calm-yourself-after-seeing-a-dead-body Techniques”
22 Apr – 04 Jun
Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia

Dénes Farkas’ personal exhibition focuses on issues of choice, uncertainty, insecurity and preparedness, highlighting the contingency of normality and casting doubt on the production of truth and scientific rationality.

Dance Week
23 Apr – 29 Apr
Viljandi County

Dance Week is a cross-cultural, multi-dimensional and -stylistic propaganda providing everyday activities for art enthusiasts as well as regular citizens, culminating on April 29 with the celebration of international dance day.