This week, the Month of the Holy Souls, November, begins. There have been wonderful times and people, and some exciting activities are still ahead. Have a spirit-refreshing culture week!
Exhibition „On One Small Island Lived a Genius”
5 Oct 2017 – 1 Aug 2018
Museum of Coastal Folk
August Johannes Luusmann was born on December 4, 1885, on the island of Aksi at Kaguotsa farm. At about twenty, he began to actively engage in photography. So far, around 500 of his photos have been found, reflecting the everyday life of small islands and coastal villages, people and historical events. These skillfully selected frames, as well as Luusmann’s writings, give a unique picture of the history of coastal Estonia.
Exhibition „Touch Sensitive – Modern Classics”
23 Oct – 18 Nov
Gallery Noorus
Students of the Tartu Art College present how to make a contemporary art, using old classical techniques such as linocut, etching, drypoint, stone lithography, serigraphy, and bookbinding. The works of the students have their own personal touches, thus, they are touch sensitive in a broader sense than the light-emitting LED screens.
16th International Modern Music Festival „Afekt”
27 Oct – 1 Nov
Tartu, Tallinn
„Afekt” offers various programmes for listening and watching, audiovisual and musical theater-focused concerts, important works of experimental music, programmes dedicated to the fresh neo conceptualism. Some of the most important performers of the festival are Schallfeld Ensemble (Austria), Trio Accanto (Germany), soprano, performance artist Sirje Viise (Berlin), the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, ansambel U:, organist Ulla Krigul and Yxus Ensemble, Afekt Soloists, etc.
Literary Wednesday
1 Nov
Writers’ House in Tallinn
Women writing in Võro are presenting their poetry: Kauksi Ülle, Häniläne, Riina Trumm, Ene Säinast, Milvi Panga, Anna-Liisa Vaher and Leila Holts.
All Souls’ Day concert in Otepää
2 Nov
Otepää Culture Centre
Performers are Kristina Vähi (soprano), Aare Saal (baritone, RO Estonia) and Piia Paemurru (piano).
All Souls’ Day concert in Kõrgessaare
2 Nov
Kõrgessaare Community Centre
Performers are Kärdla Chamber Choir (conducted by Raili Kaibald), Emili Kuuse and Karmen Telvik (voice), Ulla Mölder (piano) and Arvo Haasma (viola).
Concert show „Dance Smart”
5 Nov
Pärnu Concert Hall
The Dance Association of Anna Raudkats invites all dance-lovers to participate in the concert show „Dance Smart”. The participants include the winners of Ullo Toom dance competition, dance groups Sõprus and Kuljus, Leigarid, Tantsutallad, Anna Raudkatsi Tantsuselts, RTJ, Taidelaid and Kohvilähkrid, RU-LE-ME etc.
Exhibition „Dream Mosaic”
14 Oct 2017 – 14 Jan 2018
Estonian National Museum
Dreams can be considered one of the mysteries of life, which has made people curious through the ages. What exactly are they and where do they come from? „Dream Mosaic” combines the dream visions of multiple artists into a single transmedia exhibition.