I went to see the film “My Life as a Zucchini”. It talked about a boy named Zucchini. Actually, it was his nickname. So, Zucchini was taken to an orphanage as I think he had accidentally killed his mother. I didn’t really understand whether he had killed his mother or not. Anyway, in the orphanage, he made many new friends. One of them was the “boss” or at least that’s what he called himself. In the beginning, he seemed to be a bad character, but it turned out later that he wasn’t. There was also a policeman, who brought Zucchini to the orphanage. The policeman was lonely and came to talk to Zucchini in the orphanage. Then a new girl named Camille came to the orphanage, who became very good friends with Zucchini.
It was a rather sad, but at the same time a cheerful film, which was very coolly made. I’ve seen similar films, but this was somehow different. For example, the expressions and skin colours of people were very interesting. What I liked the most about the film was that in some places the voices of birds had been used.
As I have watched many much longer films, this seemed so short to me that I did not have much time to think, although it actually gave me a lot of food for thought. Before watching it, I thought it would be a bit more cheerful or different, because it is a children’s film after all. But there were many places in the film, which children may not understand. Some places were even quite tough.
My favourite was the main character, Zucchini. If I were Zucchini, I would not be so cheerful and could not be so relaxed and okay with everything. I know that everything can be forgotten, but it would have been pretty horrible. But it’s nice that it didn’t just show children squat in the corner and think about their dark past.
Before the screening, a discussion took place with three people, who talked about the film a little. One of them was Karin Rask, who gave her voice to the female character. All three said normal things that I agree with. For example, that this film is very skilfully made.