Happy 100th anniversary, Estonia!
Exhibition „Estonia through 100 pairs of eyes”
3 Feb – 31 March
Estonian National Museum
The exhibition tells the story of Estonia through 100 portraits of Estonians, all of whom are dedicated to the Estonian culture. The oldest of them was born in the same year as the Republic of Estonia, in 1918, and the youngest in 2017.
Festival „Estonian theatre in the Estonian National Opera”
10 Feb – 22 Feb
Estonian National Opera
The Republic of Estonia will turn 100 in February 2018 and the theatre’s 112th season is closely connected to the anniversary. Festival „Estonian Theatre in the Estonian National Opera” brings to the stage a selection of music by Estonian composers.
Exhibition „Estonian watercolour 2018”
30 Jan – 1 April
Võru Town Gallery
This is the exhibition of Estonian Watercolorists’ Union in cooperation with Latvian watercolorists. In setting up the exhibition, the members of the union considered the importance of the time of the event and selected their works with special care and preparation. The event is seen as a gift to the Republic of Estonia.
Concert „The best Estonia”
21 Feb, 22 Feb
Vanemuine Concert Hall, Estonia Concert Hall
A beautiful and bright selection of Estonian choral and orchestral music from the 20th century. Each author adds their own individual piece to the collage – whether it is derived from folk music or through soundpainting, whether constructive or balance seeking… Performers are: Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, soloist Leho Karin (cello). Conductor Tõnu Kaljuste.
Theme party „1918” aka EW100
23 Feb
Tiigi Society House
Tartu Folklore Club Maatasa hosts a theme party „1918” on February 23 at 8 p.m. at Tiigi Seltsimaja to celebrate Estonian 100th birthday with music, dancing and special guests.
Indoor Music Festival „Made in Estonia”
23 Feb
Tallinn Creative Hub
A number of Estonian electronic music producers and DJs have made a name for themselves outside Estonia – they perform in clubs and at festivals abroad on a regular basis and their songs feature on various charts. They’ll come together at the Tallinn Creative Hub on 23 February 2018, the eve of Estonia’s 100th anniversary, to perform at the very first indoor festival, „Made in Estonia”.
15th President’s hike
25 Feb
A hiking trip for the whole family that starts in Aegviidu and winds its way through Nelijärve to Jäneda.
Exhibition „100 stripes of folk skirts on the map of Estonia”
1 Jan – 31 Dec
Rõude Museum, Lääne County
Estonian map is covered with the folk skirt stripes. Each area is covered with the stripes used in this region. There are total of one hundred samples. Idea and realization Virve Niilisk, additions by Helve Tellei.
Permanent exhibition „Echo of the Urals”
13 Oct 2016 – …
Estonian National Museum
„Echo of the Urals” is the permanent exhibition of the Estonian National Museum, offering insight into how the Finno-Ugric peoples might think as well as their culture, languages and genetic background. The exhibition also briefly explores how the tiny Finno-Ugric nation groups are doing today.