The keywords of this week are Ensemble U:, heart-warming music, Swing à la Django, reality inside reality, hundred films in hundred minutes, retrofuturistic digital painting, students’ silent films of the nineties, wintery folk dances, Puuluup, Duo Ruut and Christmas fair full of surprises.

Ensemble U: concert “Urr-21: Rostrum”

11 Dec
Estonian Radio 1st Studio

URR is a concert series where important themes of the modern music scene are introduced and performed. The concerts are organized in co-operation with the Estonian National Broadcast with a live transmission in Klassikaraadio. The concert in December is 21st in this series. The programme includes the works of Ülo Krigul, Oscar Bianch, Tatjana Kozlova-Johannes, Olga Neuwirth and Helena Tulve. The background and works of the composers and the theme of the concert are introduced by the members of U:, Taavi Kerikmäe and Tarmo Johannes.

The second season of the concert series “MADE” of the UT Viljandi Culture Academy’s Department of Music continues and brings you the second concert of the series. The grand hall of the Estonian Traditional Music Centre will be filled with heart-warming music on December 11 at 7 p.m.

Music of the popular Hungarian ensemble Swing à la Django is characterized by a colourful mix of swing, Hungarian gypsy music, French chansons, tango, and jazz, based on the traditions of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli. The unique Hungarian swing sextet will lead the listener to the last century’s thirties and forties variegated music sphere, where the turbulently evolving styles, that haven’t lost its originality and actuality even today, blended together.

Exhibition “OOOO” by Laurentsius

12 Dec 2018 – 26 Jan 2019
Vaal Gallery

On one hot evening in April, near Suurupi, some uncanny photographs were made of a floating rubber ring in the frozen wet woods. Bushes and birdsong, melted-amber-like water full of reflections and shadows, ice underneath the water emitting coldness … The entire nature of the exhibition “OOOO” comes from this April evening. Laurentsius was inspired by the dreamlike atmosphere of this incident, where there is even greater reality inside the reality and at the same time, denial of this reality.

100 Films in 100 Minutes

13 Dec
Cinema Sõprus

Attention Deficit Disorder Festival – one hundred extremely short films from all corners of the globe. Hundred plots, hundred finals, at least a hundred main heroes, one ticket!

Voronja XXIII: Estookin “Cyber Creation”

13–21 Dec
Tartu New Theatre

The 23rd Voronja (home) exhibition does not take place in an apartment, but in Tartu New Theatre, which is still like a second home for many. “Cyber Creation” is the debut exhibition of Estookin, a digital artist from Tartu. The exhibition presents retrofuturistic digital paintings, inspired by the perceptions from the period 1960-80, but painted with the cyber-punk vibe. The works are quotes from both the western world and Russian culture, fantasizing the past into the dystopic future. The environment and characters depicted in paintings represent transhumanism and dialogues between technology and people. All works have been completed in 2018, and it is the first time they are going to be presented at the exhibition.

On December 13 at 6 p.m., the Kumu auditorium will host a movie night “The X-Files [Registry of the Nineties]: Autompsyko Supervegos”. The silent films by the group of film students of the nineties (Taavi Eelmaa, Jaak Kilmi, Rein Pakk, Marko Raat, Rainer Sarnet) will be screened, accompanied with a special soundtrack created by Erkki Tero. During the second part of the evening, Kiwa will re-create his audio-video performance “Work in Progress” (1998).

Wintry Tartu Folk Dance Day 2018

15 Dec
Tartu Town Hall Square

Old Estonians were clever, clever people. They knew that dancing had a powerful and magical influence on the surrounding world. This fact has been kept in mind throughout the centuries and folk dancers in Tartu County are especially unstoppable. They gather – in fact, a good few hundreds of them – in the middle of sometimes freezing Estonian winter right on the slippery cobbles of Tartu Town Hall Square where the audience`s world cannot escape the magic either. This will again be the case on 15 December 2018 when at 1 p.m. dancers from Tartu and Tartu County perform Estonian folk dances and simple group dances on Town Hall Square of Tartu.

Puuluup and Duo Ruut in Pärnu

15 Dec
Club Tempel

There will be a decent dance night before Christmas as Pärnu is visited by Puuluup, one of the most exciting bands from this summer, accompanied by Duo Ruut, laureate of the competition Noortebänd 2018.

Puuluup is:
two guys,
two ancient instruments,
modern technology.

Duo Ruut is:
one Ann-Lisett Rebane,
one Katariina Kivi,
one zither.

Christmas Fair at Estonian Drama Theatre

15 Dec
Estonian Drama Theatre

The Christmas Fair of the Estonian Drama Theatre is held once again! Doors will be opened on Saturday, December 15 at 11 a.m., and everyone is welcome. Gifts, crafts and good tastes are traded by both creative people from the theatre and invited friends