This week’s cultural trajectory is as follows: • Changing times • The Philharmonic Sea • Vargamäe • Finnish sauna • Jazz rhythms • Horizontal music experience. Have a good journey!
The Tempora mutantur anniversary exhibition
22 Nov – 26 Nov
The Club of Different Rooms
The Tempora mutantur anniversary exhibition showcases the recent comics by the current members of the Finnish contemporary comic association Kutikuti. The works have been created specifically for the anniversary exhibition in years 2015–2017 using a screen printing technique. The colorful combination of large comics reflects the diverse styles and narrative methods of Finnish comics.
Giving Myself to the Sea. Kadri Voorand & The Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
22 Nov Estonian Traditional Music Centre
26 Nov Niguliste Church
John Cage. ‘Four²’
Kadri Voorand. ‘Laineile end kingin’ / ’Giving Myself to the Sea’ (premiere)
Anders Hillborg. ‘Mouyayoum’
An extraordinary performance brings together renowned Estonian jazz musicians and the Grammy Award winning ensemble – the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir!
‘Four²’, written by the most famous American avant-garde composer John Cage, belongs to the so-called Number Pieces, where the title of the work indicates the number of performers. Another composition ‘Mouyayoum’ by the well-known Swedish contemporary composer Anders Hillborg mesmerizes the audience with its musical language which seems to be stunningly difficult and simple at the same time. ‘Giving Myself to the Sea’ is written for the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, solo voice, piano and double bass. It tells an ancient story about an inevitable force of fate and love.
Vargamäe Film Days
23 Nov – 25 Nov
A. H. Tammsaare Museum in Vargamäe
It is possible to see movies from three different genres: a documentary ‘Snow on the Krasnaya Polyana’ that talks about Estonian villages in Sochi; a comic tragedy ‘The Days That Confused’, which takes audience back to the Estonian 90s; and a fantasy ‘November’, which takes place in the Estonian village, where werewolves, plague, and spirits move around. In addition to the exciting movies, the audience is captivated by the place where the movies are screened which adds mysticism and romance.
Finnish Cult Film Special at PÖFF
24 Nov – 26 Nov
Kinomaja Cinema
On November 24–26, the unprecedented 48 Hours of Finland event will take place at Kinomaja. Over the course of the two days, a selection of Finnish films from 1938-2008 will be screened on old-school 35mm film. The programme will be attended by noted Finnish filmmakers, such as Jörn Donner and Kati Outinen among others. Marko Haavisto & Poutahaukat, made famous by the Aki Kaurismäki film ‘The Man Without a Past’, will be putting on a show. A real Finnish party would be amiss without sauna and karaoke. That’s right, you read it correctly – experience true Finnish sauna at Kinomaja in addition to the film marathon.
Christmas Jazz Festival 2017
24 Nov – 13 Dec
All over Estonia
‘Christmas Jazz’ is a two-week intimate and Christmassy festival, which fills the churches, concert halls, and clubs with beautiful jazz music in the end of November and beginning of December. During three weeks, from 24 November to 13 December, jazz stars from 10 countries will bring 30 radiant concerts to Estonian audience. Headliners of Christmas Jazz are American musicians – singer Stacey Kent, drum legend Simon Phillips with his ensemble Protocol IV and singer-drummer Vinx.
Lounging concert: Kulno Malva
25 Nov
Estonian Traditional Music Centre
Kulno Malva is an active accordion player, composer and traditional musician. In addition to the solo project, he plays in various ensembles: Lepaseree, Folksell, Hajameelsed Kunznikud, Duo Malva & Priks, he has also been a founding member of several well-known ensembles like Svjata Vatra and Nikns Suns. Kulno Malva has released two solo albums. He is also developing an entirely new programme, where you can hear instruments like sansula, ocarina, and Estonian bagpipe in addition to one of a kind accordion music and songs. With effects and a looper, it forms one impressive piece.