On Saturday, 29 August, another Night of Ancient Bonfires is held, when bonfires are lit across Estonia to remember ancient coastal fires. In 2015, the common theme of the Night of Ancient Bonfires is contemplating the future of our state. In the course of the night, many special events are held across Estonia and our editing team has made a little selection. 

Ancient Bonfires in Toila
Toila harbour

The event on Toila beach is for the whole family with activities on land and on sea. There is a fire sculpture team competition and all the sculptures will be lighted at 21.30.

Purekkari Night Photo 3

You can also take a photography class in the Night of Ancient Bonfires. The night-time photography class at Purekkari is held for the third time this year. Here, you can learn how to take photos when there is very little light. The event also celebrates the beautiful tradition of Night of Ancient Lights. Prior registration required!

Ancient Bonfires at the Viimsi Open Air Museum
Viimsi Open Air Museum

This year, the ancient bonfire of the Viimsi Open Air Museum are lit from the songs of the choir of Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL). The programme begins at 21.00, the fires are traditionally lit at 21.30. The museum is open to visitors free of charge from 19.00.

Night of Ancient Bonfires at the Seaplane Harbour
Seaplane Harbour

The most magnificent ancient bonfire in Tallinn will be lit on 29 August at the Seaplane Harbour. The vocal group Estonian Voices and the folk dance group Kuljus will perform.

The Night of Ancient Bonfires at the Pakri lighthouse
Pakri Lighthouse

On the Night of Ancient Bonfires, the Pakri lighthouse is open to visitors until 01.00. You can enjoy the sunset at 20.30 and look at the bonfires of the surrounding areas from the highest lighthouse in Estonia.

Spithami Ancient Bonfires with Kõrsikud
Spithami Holiday Houses

At 18.00, you can end the summer again with some nice music. This time, the melodies of Kõrsikud will stroke your ears. You can also get your stomach full of smoked fish with fresh sidedishes, and tasty delicacies from a custom-made menu.

The Night of Ancient Bonfires in Kiideva

The party starts at 19.00, when the Imepuu workshop, with activities for children as well as adults. At 19.30, the group Singirullid will give a fun performance and the group Svips will provide the dance music.

Evening of comedy shows and Night of Ancient Bonfires in Koguva
Koguva village

At 19.00, the comedy shows Kosjakuulutus (Wooing) and Pühapäev (Sunday) will be performed by the Matsalu Stage Society. A musical bistro is open between the shows. At 20.30, a procession from the Muhu Museum will lead to Koguva harbour, where the ancient light will be lit and Hanila village band will provide the music.

Night of Ancient Lights at the Hansa Yard: Metsatöll
Hansa Yard

The Hansa Yard in Tartu will heat up the Night of Ancient Lights with Metsatöll.

Night of Lights: Ott Lepland & Kristjan Kaasik
Vastseliina Episcopal Castle

On the Night of Lights, the castle will be lit with candles and bonfires and Estonia’s top artists will treat you to great emotions. The Night of Lights is unique – on one evening, you can enjoy the beautiful nature of Piusa river valley, the magnificent castle ruins, the mystical fire spectacle and quality music. The main performer is Ott Lepland, with Kristjan Kaasik on guitar.