Estonian culture in Estonia and abroad is managed by the Estonian Institute and is a platform to both mediate Estonian culture abroad as well as be a guide for people who do not speak Estonian, but want to find their way and participate in Estonian culture.

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Estonian Institute in Estonia

Estonian Institute helps foreign speaking people in Estonia get acquainted with Estonian culture and society. For that purpose we have created the programme Culture Step and regularly compile different study and information materials.

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    Estonian Institute's program “Culture step” is aimed at people whose native tongue is not Estonian and who are interested in learning more about Estonian culture, nature, history and everyday life.

  • blog logo blog offers culture reccomendations and informs about folk traditions.

Estonian Institute abroad

Estonian Institute works to spread information about Estonian society and culture abroad, further cultural and educational links and organicse the teaching of Estonian language and culture outside Estonia.

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    The Finnish branch of the Estonian Institute is the first Estonian cultural representation abroad since 1995.

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    The Estonian Institute in Hungary has been in operation since 1998.

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    The world-wide Estonian language week aims to enhance the study of Estonian language.

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    Together with the Ministry of Education and Research, Estonian Institute supports the study of Estonian language and culture in the diaspora.

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    The biannual magazine in English introduces past and present Estonian writers and poets as well as reviews new books.

About is managed by Estonian Institute. Estonian Institute was founded by Lennart Meri in 1988, officially in 1989. As an NGO, the institute is a partner for creatives as well as government departments. There are close ties with other cultural institutes, expatriate Estonian communities and universities.

In addition to spreading Estonian culture abroad, more and more focus is on language and culture courses for foreign-speaking people in Estonia. The institute has three branches abroad – one in Hungary, one in Finland and one in Sweden.