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This week
Erki Pärnoja: Efterglow 22.03.2018 21:00 Airplane Factory

Erki Pärnoja, who has been awarded the Best Male Artist and the Best Alternative/Indie Album awards at the annual Estonian Music Awards, will give three concerts in March with his band.

Exercises in Style 19.03.2018 19:00 Writers' House in ...

Theatrical performance, literary night, stand-up and band rehearsal – Eva Koldits, Toomas Täht, Jan Kaus and Indrek Koff in the production "Exercises in Style".

Kaire Nurk's exhibition "Spring Land Collages" 19.03.2018 The Home Museum of ...

"Spring Land Collages" is a selection of thematic collages that center around buildings and characters from Oskar Luts's "Spring".

Estonian Leatherwork Artists' Union's exhibition "Estonian Literature in Estonian Binding" 19.03.2018 Estonian National ...

Estonian National Library exhibits Estonian leatherwork artists' visions of Estonian literature.

Coming soon
Concerts at NUKU Museum

Concerts at the NUKU Museum - music among the theatre puppets.


TAFF Club is initiated by the Tallinn Philharmonic in 2012. The main style of the club is mainstream jazz, additionally, there are special events of different styles.

Ballet "Don Juan"

Ballet-farce by Giorgio Madia

New production by Renate Keerd

Author, director, artist and musical designer: Renate Keerd

Runic Song Room at Estonian National Museum

Runic Song Room is a series of events where experienced traditional musicians will be fore-singers and participants will have the opportunity to sing along.

Night of Museums 2018: Party in the Night

A major museum festival takes place everywhere in Estonia: on the evening of May 19, dozens of museums and other exciting places welcome guests for free.

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