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This week
Culture week at the national library 25.10.2016 Estonian National ...

Do you know the feeling how some thing from the 1990s seems embarrassing today? But the others have become so familiar that it would be difficult to imagine life without them. Why are we like we are today...?

Children and Youth Festival "Open Playgrounds" 25.10.2016 All over Estonia

During the autumn holidays, from October 15 to November 6, 2016, all the families with children are welcome to the festival "Open Playgrounds", which connects museums all over Estonia.

Mari Jürjens's concert "Tuhat elu" 28.10.2016 19:00 Hobuveski / Horse ...

Singer and songwriter Mari Jürjens gives five autumnal concerts before the all souls day in Kuressaare, Rapla, Tallinn, Tartu and Viljandi.

Sinusoid Fest concert evening 26.10.2016 19:00 Café Sinilind

Sinusoid Fest brings together new sounds from Estonia, Island, Norway, France, Netherlands and Poland.

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Tallinn International Piano Festival

Tallinn Piano Festival is the biggest piano festival of the Baltic and Nordic region.

To Kill a Mockingbird...

The Vanemuine production doesn't deal with the success of the novel and racism but the part of the novel that concerns humanity.

Concert for Babies

Following the lead of the big opera houses around the world, the Estonian National Opera launches a series of baby concerts for children aged 0–3.

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