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This week
Autumn Jazz 2017 24.09.2017 Tallinn

Autumn Jazz taking place from 11 September to 3 November will bring the world’s best hang drum player Many Delago and Terry Bozzio’s world’s biggest tuned drum set to Estonia.

Exhibition "City and Forest" 24.09.2017 Estonian Museum of ...

Habitats created by Polish contemporary designers for animals, birds and insects living in the city.

Exhibition "Children of the Flowers of Evil. Estonian Decadent Art" 24.09.2017 Kumu Art Museum

"Do you remember the thing we saw, my soul, that summer morning, so beautiful, so soft: at a turning in the path, a filthy carrion, on a bed sown with stones?" (Ch. Baudelaire, trans. Jack Collings Squire).

15th Matsalu Nature Film Festival (MAFF) 24.09.2017 Lihula Community ...

We would like to invite you to the 15th Matsalu Nature Film Festival being held in Estonia September 20-24, 2017!

Coming soon
Tallinn Crafts Fair

Tallinn Crafts Fair – it is crafts, gifts, jewelry, home furnishings, workshops, entertainment, food and drinks, and much more.

Pure Mind

Everything is possible.


Opera by Giuseppe Verdi in two acts.

The Evil Island

Saaremaa Opera Days bring Rein Rannap's sensational rock-opera 'The Evil Island' that premiered in the summer of 2017 to the Nordea Concert Hall for the two evenings.

House of Dance

Dancing is an ancient and enjoyable way of expressing oneself. Dancing is thinking, creating meaning and feeling. Dancing is communicating and relating to the surrounding world and people, both to the dancing partner and the entire dancing circle.

Concert "When Silence Falls"

An international music group performs Merje Kägu's authorial creation.

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