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This week
"Siberian Flowers", exhibition of knit patterned mittens 28.07.2016 Estonian Agricultural ...
Ülenurme small borough

All the mittens exhibited have been knitted by the masters of Kagu Kudujad Ltd. (Kagu Knitters).

"Sea", joint exhibition of the Estonian Painters' Association 28.07.2016 Viinistu Art Museum
Kuusalu parish

In 2016, the year of maritime culture is celebrated in Estonia, motivated by which 50 Estonian painters turn to one of the oldest favourite motifs - the sea.

Halliste Organ Festival 2016 28.07.2016 Viljandi County

Seven organ concerts take place in the churches of Viljandi county on July 25-31, 2016.

Saaremaa Opera Days 2016 28.07.2016 Kuressaare Castle ...

For the ninth summer already, Saaremaa with its enchanting nature will host the opera days in its capital. An opera house accommodating 2000 guests will be erected in the courtyard of the 13th century episcopal castle for the sake of the music lovers.

Coming soon
Kukemuru Ambient Festival 2016

Kukemuru Ambient Festival 2016 takes place on August 4-6 in Pähklimäe, Türi parish, Järva county.

Leigo Lake Music 2016

The 19th Leigo Lake Music festival takes place on August 5-6, 2016.

XXIII Seto Kingdom Day

For a day every year, Setos declare their own kingdom. On this day, the people of Setomaa elect an ülemsootska – a spokesperson for their king Peko.

St. Lawrence's Day Celebrations in Kuusalu

On August 5-10, the traditional St. Lawrence's Day celebrations take place in Kuusalu.

Augustibluus Festival

The Augustibluus Festival will take place for the 23rd time already. Due to the programme, which assumes more weight every year, and remarkable public interest, the festival has established its status among renowned blues festivals in Europe.

Our Anniversary Party

August 20 is the day when Estonia celebrates the restoration of its independence. This year, we can proudly admit that our freedom has already been with us for a quarter of a century. Let's celebrate it together on August 20 at Tartu Festival Arena!

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