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This week
Exhibition "Sound of Freedom! A Story of Estonian Popular Music" 28.05.2018 Maarjamäe Stables of ...

The exhibition of Estonian Theatre and Music Museum is open at the Maarjamäe Stables of the Estonian History Museum. The exhibition tells about the history of pop music 1901–2001 and is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

Lõõtsavägilased with concert programme "The Party Starts!"

The ensemble Lõõtsavägilased includes three young accordionists, Andres Eelmaa, Rasmus Kadaja, Tobias Tae, and the ensemble's tutor Margus Põldsepp. Mostly folk and traditional music is played, but also other styles.

Cafe days "Kihnu Keretäüs" 02.06.2018 Kihnu Island
Kihnu parish

Come to Kihnu to enjoy good food and the local culture!

Tallinn Ballet School Gala 28.05.2018 19:00 Estonian National ...

Tallinn Ballet School Gala is a yearly end-of-the-season performance, where the young dancers perform both classical and contemporary pieces prepared within the course.

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Valga County Festival of Traditional Culture "Säde Garden Party"

At Säde Garden Party, everyone can take part in opening the legacy of Hella Wuolijoki with a musical programme and a theatre production. An authentic party at Valga Säde Park restores the park's former glory and atmosphere.

Kõivualutse Fair 2018

Kõivualutse day will take place in Põlva County, Kanepi parish, Ihamaru village on the birch alley beside the Postitee, which is considered to be the most beautiful road in Estonia. The event takes place on June 9, 2018, at 9 a.m.

Concert series "Journey" at Eestonian railway stations

"Journey" is a concert series bringing together two wind instrument quintets. The concerts will take place on May 4–8, 2018, at various Estonian railway stations to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

International Festival of Performing Arts "Baltoscandal"

International Festival of Performing Arts Baltoscandal will take place from 4th till 7th of July 2018 in Rakvere. The festival is organized every second year and will reach this summer its 15th edition.

25th Haapsalu Early Music Festival

The festival that was born in 1994 in Haapsalu, one of the most beautiful coastal towns of Western Estonia, is considered to be one of the most momentous in its genre in Estonia and has also attracted the attention of many renowned foreign artists.

Bushcraft Festival Estland 2018

Bushcraft Festival follows the format of similar festivals worldwide. Now the time has come to hold such an event in Estonia for the first time.

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