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Sindi Rock 2017 26.08.2017 16:00 Sindi laululava

At the end of the summer, all rock music fans will have a reason to visit Sindi because on August 26th Sindi Rock Festival is held once again.

Disappearing? Cinema Day 26.08.2017 15:55 Tõstamaa Manor
Tõstamaa small borough

On the last Saturday of August, the Tõstamaa manor is opened for a good Estonian cinema. The cinema and the legendary filmmakers with whom we all have our own stories, thoughts, and memories.

Viljandi Art Festival "QQ" 24.08.2017 Viljandi

QQ / Viljandi Art Festival will be held for the first time and its goal is to create an international activity platform and meeting place bridging and involving different fields of art.

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Culture Festival "Särin" ("Sizzle")

NPO Loomeruum and NGO Rapla County Centre for Contemporary Art join forces to make Rapla sizzle again in September 2017. There will be music, theatre, and events and performances, which bring contemporary art and literature to the audience.

Uus Maailm District Street Festival 2017

On September 2-3, 2017, the streets of the district Uus Maailm will be once again opened to the pedestrians!

Concert "When Silence Falls"

An international music group performs Merje Kägu's authorial creation.


Opera by Giuseppe Verdi in two acts.

Sci-Fi Festival

Sci-Fi Festival is a compact cultural event that transforms Tartu New Theatre into a unique sensory space where representatives from different fields of sci-fi culture, state of mind theater and horizons of perception of fantasia meet.

My Fair Lady

One of the most popular musicals of all times may almost have not been written at all.

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