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This week
Comics exhibition "Grey Area" 20.01.2017 Tartu Art Museum

On 13 January the Tartu Art Museum opens the exhibition "Grey Area", which introduces the more avant-garde trends in Estonian contemporary comics.

Documentary evening #25: "Tickled" 23.01.2017 19:00 Cinema Sõprus

The documentary, which generated a furore in Sundance, starts with a brief insight into the essence of tickling competitions (?!), but quickly becomes a nerve-racking conspiracy thriller and a revealing study, the topics of which are far from funny.

Exhibition "Conductors of Colour. Music and Modernity in Estonian Art" 20.01.2017 Kumu Art Museum

From the first song festival through the Singing Revolution and beyond, music has played a fundamental role in Estonian history, culture and identity. But if every bird has its own song, as the Estonian saying goes, what of the artist?

Exhibition "European Cultural Lifestyle in Ceramics - from Baroque Until Today" 21.01.2017 Estonian Museum of ...

A voluminous exhibition of European ceramics will be opened at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design on 20 January.

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Tallinn Music Week 2017

TMW is one of Europe’s leading city festivals with a carefully crafted line-up of various art forms for a curious mind.

Children's and youth music festival "Music Jam"

The festival "Music Jam", which takes place from the year 2003 already, continues on its chosen path: introducing different styles and genres, enjoying concerts by professionals and offering possibilities of making music to youngsters.

Manor Culture Festival

535 years have passed since Anija Manor was first mentioned in historical records. To celebrate the anniversary, manors are welcome to present themselves at the Manor Culture Festival, a country folks fair will take place, and a lot else exciting.

ENSO: Music of the Future

Concert series "Music of the Future".

4th Estonian Jew's Harp festival

The Estonian Jew's Harp Festival that takes place for the fourth time invites all the Jew's harp owners to make their first steps with Estonia's best Jew's-harpers on February 4, 2017, in Tallinn, club Sinilind.

Kolkja Sled 2017

People in the Kolkja village near Lake Peipus have rode kick sledges from generation to generation. This year, will continue the tradition.

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