This week will be full of different kinds of music, theater and gatherings in the beautiful Estonian nature, very often near lakes or the sea!
Kabli Sunset Festival
1st – 31st of July
Is there anything better to do in glorious summer evenings then to gaze at the horizon and watch the sun set? Yes! In the meantime you could also enjoy a program full of concerts from jazz to folk, cosy salon evenings, genuine village parties and literature and film events.

24th Rapla Church Music Festival
1st – 15th of  July
Rapla County

Talented musicians from here and abroad will fill our ears and churches with beautiful music. This grand event has been taking place from the year 1993, so it should be quite well programmed and thought through.

The Sonorous Sounds of the Organs of Saaremaa 2016
5th – 9th of July
Saaremaa Island

Estonian islands are mystical places, full of interesting creatures. For example, on the Saaremaa island, there is said to live a huge being, called Suur Tõll. But no one has seen him for a long time, so maybe he has gone abroad with a work and study visa or something. Now there is a classical music festival held there, that includes five concerts in in five medieval churches. Might just be that these sounds will help call Suur Tõll back home. Lets hope so.

International Theatre Festival Baltoscandal
6th – 9th of July

The little town of Rakvere will be filled with modern theater, because festival Baltoscandal will be held there and this year it will already be the 14th time around. As a well known theater event , it will bring us the top players of modern theater from Estonia and abroad.

XXII Võru Folk Dance festival
6th – 10th of July

This festival is full of youthful laughs, colorful concerts and folk dance parties, competition of Teppo-type accordion playing, workshops, great street dance, evening songs on the shores of Tamula Lake, concerts by young folk musicians, night cinema, art and handicrafts fair. It really is an experience and it will give you a good mood, at least for a month.

XXIII Haapsalu Early Music Festival
6th – 10th of July

The beautiful Haapsalu offers a great deal of events, this time there will be a n early music festival held there, that has long traditions and lots of great performers from Estonia but also from other parts of the world.

Tallinn Medieval Days
7th – 10th of July
Tallinn Old Town

There is a great chance to get medieval again. Nothing would be more suitable to do in our beautiful old town. It certainly is better than to have stag parties here. Walk around with your eyes open and keep clear of Lepers and Crooks(Jes, I do mean the band).

Festival “Glasperlenspiel”
7th of July until 7th of August
All over Estonia

This is not the reading of Herman Hesse´s writings, but it is a festival of music inspired by his writings. Expert musicians that interpret the music from an unorthodox angle will perform on special instruments, create unusual associations and relations with other fields of art and philosophy.

I Peipsi järvefestival
7th – 16th of July
On the shores of lake Peipus

Boating fans, lake ans and people in general, who like culture and water, here is something for you! The I Peipus Lake Festival takes place, during which the barge Jõmmu along with voluntary escort fleet sails from the northern part of one of Europe’s largest lakes to its southern end. The journey begins in Vasknarva and ends in Võõpsu. The festival stops at a new harbor every day.