This week’s recommendations features once again some fascinating art, films, music. Enjoy and check for more!
Culture week at the national library
24 Oct – 28 Oct 2016
Estonian National Library
The culture week offers music, discussions, workshops, excursions and lots else interesting. Exceptionally, the annual hits of Raadio 2 from 1994 to date will sound from the loudspeakers of the National Library’s foyer!
Random Rapid Heartbeats at Tallinn Art Hall 
22 Oct – 04 Dec 2016
Tallinn Art Hall
A shot of adrenaline for Tallinn Art Hall – with Random Rapid Heartbeats Contemporary Art Centre Vilnius brings a varied selection of exhibitions from their last three years’ programme to Tallinn.
Focus on Italian Contemporary Cinema: Italy in a Day – Un giorno da Italiani
24 Oct
Kumu auditorium
Italy in a Day is the Italian edition, by Gabriele Salvatores, of a project by Ridley Scott where Italians have been asked to send videotapes recorded by any means (cameras, smart phones, cameras) during 24 hours on 26th October 2013. Desires, dreams, fears, thoughts, everything considered important was happening that day or even, simply, what you could see from an home window.
Kumu Documentary: “Jheronimus Bosch – Touched by the Devil”
26 Oct
Kumu auditorium
Over the course of five years the research team travelled the world, visiting such museums as the Louvre, the Prado and the National Gallery of Art in Washington to make an in-depth analysis of Bosch’s paintings. By using modern techniques, such as X-ray, infrared photography and multi-spectrum analysis, they allow us to penetrate into the deeper layers of his paintings, thus helping the audience to look at the works of Bosch with new eyes.
Sinusoid Fest concert evening
26 Oct
Café Sinilind
Sinusoid Fest brings together new sounds from Estonia, Island, Norway, France, Netherlands and Poland. During one evening Sinilind stage will be filled with different genres – from acoustic tunes and indie rock to Mac Demarco’ist vibes to oldschool rock etc. You choose!
Tartu Dance Club: Estonian bagpipes
26 Oct
Tiigi Society House
The theme night of Estonian bagpipes once again takes place in Tartu Dance Club and therefore the stage of Tiigi Society House will be taken over by bagpipers. Numerous bagpipe players are present, who have enjoyed making music together, communicating and entertaining dancers at Tartu Dance Club over the years.
Evening with Czech music
27 Oct
Tallinn Town Hall
Young duo from Prague introducing Czech composers:
Ludmila Pavlová (violin) and Stanislav Gallin (piano).
Festival “Üle heli 2016”
28 Oct – 30 Oct 2016
On October 28-30, 2016, the music festival “Üle heli” takes place in Tallinn for the second time. The three-day music festival of over-the-sound levels takes place in different venues in Tallinn from the Creative Hub to St. Catherine’s Church, including record launches, adventurous collectives as well as technical solutions.
Film and talk evening about Sami joiks and traditions
28 Oct
TU Baltic Film and Media School – SuperNova Cinema
A unique film evening offers the viewers a glance into the life and rituals of the indigenous people of the North, the Samis. The films are commentated on and questions taken by Sami heritage bearer and natural medicine specialist Laila Spik.
NU Performance Festival 2016
29 Oct – 05 Nov 2016
Kanuti Gildi SAAL & Punane Maja
NU Performance Festival is a performing arts festival, which includes 7 performance evenings at Kanuti Gildi SAAL and event “NU Performance Festival meets MÜRK” at Punane Maja.