It seems, that the Christmas spirit is nearby, because this week offers plenty of music and merry gatherings .

Guided Tour around the Estonian National Opera
2/3 December
Estonian National Opera

Would you like to see more of Tallinn Opera House or learn about life of the Estonian National Opera and Ballet? Here is your chance!

My Fair Lady
04 Dec
Estonian National Opera

Henry Higgins, a Doctor in Phonetics and a bachelor bets his friend Colonel Pickering that he can make a cockney flower girl speak like a Duchess and all thet probably already know the scenario, but what is new, that now you can hear all that in Estonian language.

Christmas City Tartu 2016
27 Nov – 24 Dec
Tartu Town Hall Square

It is set up by so-called swing-smiths, craftsmen well respected throughout centuries for creating meeting points where people love to get together, share the news and celebrate.

Mozart and Salieri / The Impresario
30 Nov
Theatre Vanemuine (Small Building, Vanemuise Str 45a)

This year, the world celebrates the 260th anniversary of the birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. To mark the occasion,  Vanemuise theatre will bring two short operas to the stage: a tragedy and a comedy, both tied to Mozart.

Paide Christmas Festival
03 Dec
Paide Central Square

The central square will be decked out for Christmas, a crafts fair is held. Various activities will be held for children and adults: for instance, a Christmas candy tournament, a Christmas tree decorating contest, and families can also try their skills against each other, all with Christmas elves on hand.

Wintry Tartu Folk Dance Day 2016
03 Dec
Tartu Town Hall Square

Old Estonians were clever, clever people. They knew that dancing had a powerful and magical influence on the surrounding world. The fact has been kept in mind throughout the centuries and folk dancers in Tartu County are especially unstoppable. They gather – in fact a good few hundreds of them – in the middle of sometimes freezing Estonian winter right on the slippery cobbles of Tartu Town Hall Square where the audience`s world cannot escape the magic either.

Different Harmonies II
28 Nov
Tallinn Methodist Church

There will be the world premiere of Hans-Gunter Lock’s Concerto for solo violin and chamber ensemble. The composer owns a teaching positions at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre as well as at the Estonian Academy of Arts. The concerto is peculiar due to the use of the so called Bohlen-Pierce tone system, which contains of a number on unusual intervals.

Festival Vox XX. Trio Medieval and Vox Clamantis
01 Dec St Nicholas Museum

Repertoire: Gregorian chant, improvisations
Premiere of work by Helena Tulve. Ensemble Vox Clamantis unites the old and the new in their music. Having always relied on the Gregorian chant and early polyphony in their music, the ensemble’s repertoires also include contemporary music in its extensive variations.