This week it is hard to stay in, because there is a lot of great events happening in Estonia, even for people with more demanding taste.

MustonenFest 2017
27 Jan – 05 Feb
All over Estonia

The series of baroque music concerts, which was initiated in 1989 by Andres Mustonen and Hortus Musicus, has grown into a sizable festival over the years, bearing different names, widening the boundaries of eras, bringing to Estonia reputable musicians from abroad and continuing for several years now under the name of “MustonenFest”.

Katrin Valgemäe’s exhibition “I’m a Romantic at Heart, but Life Has Become Vulgar”
22 Dec 2016 – 02 Feb 2017
Rakvere Theatre

Dealing mainly with making sense of the human essence, her topics include social identity, societal customs and norms, female in a given cultural space, but also life and immortality, as she considers death a temporary phenomenon.

Festival “School Dance”
20 Jan – 02 Apr
All over Estonia

Festival “School Dance” is the most popular and most widely attended annual dance event for children and youngsters in Estonia.

Over the years, “School Dance” has become a dance festival, which is known among everyone active in the field of dance and which has become a highlight of the year for all the young people who practice the sport.

Exhibition “Today 50 Years Ago”
03 Jan – 23 Sep
Long House of the Museum of Hiiumaa

The exhibition talks about the time 50 years ago – the period of 1966–1967. The standard of living of the country folks had remarkably improved compared to the two previous decades. The collective farms started to cope – the first sign of this was busy construction activity. New factories were erected as well as apartment houses changing the existing way of life.

Kristjan Randalu Solo
23 Jan
Tallinna Filharmoonia Mustpeade Maja

After several years, it is again possible to listen to Kristjan Randalu’s solo concert in Tallinn. Kristjan Randalu is inarguably the most active and wide-ranging Estonian jazz pianists, being the only one to partner up on the stage with the pioneers of improvisational music in the world, among them saxophonist Dave Liebman, drummer Ari Hoenig, guitarists Nguyen Le ja Ben Monder, Tunisian oud-virtuoso Dhafer Youssef, saxophonist Trygve Seim, guitarist Eivind Aarset and trumpet player Nils Petter Molvaer from Norway. Randalu’s music can be heard on over 30 records.

Kaido Ole’s masterwork at Tallinn Art Hall
17 Dec 2016 – 05 Feb 2017
Tallinn Art Hall

“Nogank hoparniis”, Kaido Ole’s solo show  takes on life and people, the beginning and end of Estonia. The topics range from the family, entertainment and exotic animals to war, death and Baltic cooperation. Consisting of words invented by Ole himself, the title describes the feeling that results from work and creativity, one that makes acting and problem solving feel challenging and captivating.

Documentary evening #25: “Tickled”
23 Jan
Cinema Sõprus

The documentary, which generated a furore in Sundance, starts with a brief insight into the essence of tickling competitions (?!), but quickly becomes a nerve-racking conspiracy thriller and a revealing study, the topics of which are far from funny.

DocPoint Tallinn 2017
25 Jan – 29 Jan
Cinemas Sõprus and Artis

The documentary film festival DocPoint is one of the biggest film events in Estonia, focusing on different documentaries, it brings out topics, that may not be easy to seize but certainly are worth our attention.

Henri Hütt, Mihkel Ilus “Kapriisid II”
25/26/27 Jan and 10/11 Feb
Kanuti Gildi SAAL

Kapriisid II is performative installation dominated by the collision of black and white magic. Light freezes into sculpture, theatre curtain cracks. The authors, Henri and Mihkel are not interested in how the curtains open but instead how these curtains move into the depth and vanish.