The warm weather has made cultural managements even more active. This week there is a lot going on all over Estonia and there’s something for everyone.  

Kultuuridessant 2016
02. – 07.05
Tallinn, Tartu, Narva
Kultuuridessant, taking place for the 4th time, is a festival organised by University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, showcasing the most notable student works for the Estonian public.

Concert: Distant Skies of Matsalu
03.05 Salem Church in Tartu
04.05 Holy Ghost Church in Tallinn
At first, 24 colourful preludes for piano will sound, played by Mari Visnapuu and reflecting the rather little-known neurological phenomenon called synesthesia. The second piece of the programme is the string quartet no 1, “Distant Skies of Matsalu”, which is based on the folklore related to Western Estonia’s wooded meadows covered in spider webs, flooded coastal meadows, and extensive fields of reed, and performed by the string quartet consisting of Miina Laanesaar, Karmen Sookruus, Angelica Averjanov and Kristian Plink.

Kumu Documentary: 20 000 Days on Earth
Kumu auditorium
This take on the rock documentary straddles the line between fiction and reality as it examines the life of the rock icon Nick Cave as he works on his 2013 album Push the Sky Away. Set during a (fictionalised) 24 hour period in the life of the lead singer of the Bad Seeds, the film sees Cave reflect on his work, the nature of art and the religious nature of musical performance.

IX Jõhvi Ballet Festival
05. – 08.05
Jõhvi Concert Hall
The festival that has taken place in Jõhvi Concert House since 2008 aims to develop the Estonian ballet education, promote top-level dance art in Ida-Viru county and introduce Estonian dancers who are today well-known on European stages. The main performer of Jõhvi Ballet Festival in 2016 is the National Academic Grand Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus.

Author´s Song Festival „Mailaul“
05. – 07.05
Tens of singers and songwriters from Estonia gather in Tartu for three days every spring in order to bring the thoughts and feelings turned into music before the audience. “Mailaul” (“The Song of May”) is a festival for a listener who wants to feel together with the performing author.

ARS Open Studio Day
ARS house (Tallinn)
On this day over 35 studios in ARS will open their doors to visitors. Come and see creative people, studios, and the process! We have more than 50 creatives participating! The program consists from various workshops, exhibitions, demos, everyday working environment of studios, and even live music!

7th Viimsi JazzPopFest
06. – 07. 05
Viimsi School
The 7th jazz and pop music festival in Viimsi will present versatile choirs and brilliant vocal ensembles from Estonia and abroad.

Fashion Show „Fashion-Performance-Dance“
Eller Tartu Music School (Tubin Hall)
Fashion-Performance-Dance (MPT) is a fashion event with long traditions that presents the fresh and independent ideas of youth in the fields of clothing fashion, accessories design, video, music and performance arts.

Vintage Tallinn
Tallinn Creative Hub
For only one day Vintage Tallinn will bring together the most representable vintage businesses from all over Estonia. It is possible to buy and sell clothes, furniture, technics, records, footwear etc. Vintage Tallinn takes place once a year and is the biggest gathering of all the best vintage businesses around Estonia. Vintage Tallinn is a treat for both home decorators and fashion enthusiast.

MozartFest. Remix
Vaba Lava (Open Space, Tallinn)
Having begun with chamber music and symphonies, Mozartfest bursts out of its boundaries with the finale’s laser show.Nobody knows precisely how Mozart will sound that night, but it will definitely be fresh, powerful, and stunning.