It is time for the Üle Heli Festival again, that is researching the area of physical space and  sound this year. The main organizer Aivar Tõnso agreed to answer our questions and  it sounds like the festival is bigger than ever this year.

What is Üle Heli Festival and how long it has been held in Estonia?
Üle Heli Festival explores the meaning behind music and sound and tries to link it to other art fields by focusing each year on a specific theme. The theme of this year’s festival is sound and space, and the entire programme deals with the issues of sound and space from different angles. Attention is given to both the physical space and how music affects our thinking and consciousness.
Who are the most exciting foreign and local performers this year?
One of the foreign highlights is Jimi Tenor, who for the first time in Tallinn gives a solo concert, showing himself as a one-man orchestra. This is how he became known in the 90s. Certainly, he will present some pieces from that period as well, but it definitely will not be a performance focusing only on the past. One of the main performers is Ninos Du Brasil from Italy, who links Brazilian rhythmic culture with electronic club music. One of the most magnificent activities of this year festival is the cooperation with the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, who presents some new music, largely written especially for the festival, which links electronic music of Estonian composers with choral music.
What events would you suggest to the audience who is visiting the festival for the first time, and for those who have been at the festival before?
It’s hard to say, rather, it does not depend on the past visits, but on people’s preferences, and in this sense the festival offers choices between different extremes. During the day and early evening, the emphasis is on a more intellectual programme, you can visit the installation at the Loewenschede Tower, various discussions and concerts of more thoughtful character. At night, however, you can feel more freely on Friday with the funky mood at the club Laine and on Saturday, there are techno vibes at the club Hall. However, the final evening of the festival at Kirimäe manor is for those who want to experience something dreamlike in real life.
Are there any other similar festivals in Estonia? If so, which ones do you recommend?
There are no similar festivals in Estonia. However, there are several festivals that share some common elements. For example, the festival Uit, Kukemuru Ambient, Kalana Saund and in its own way the festival Afekt and Estonian Music Days. Also, the fragment of Üle Heli Festival can be experienced in the framework of the all-inclusive Tallinn Music Week.