The programme of the Night of Museums has become more and more varied with each year and it is difficult to pick out the most exciting and special events. To make your lives easier, we decided to look at the programmes of various participating museums and accordingly, we selected ten notable Night of Museums events across Estonia that we think are worth a visit.
It is recommended to take a tour around the Viinistu Art Museum at sunset to fully enjoy the interactive installations Sofa, Barrel, Curator and Ping-Pong. However, from 6 PM to 9 PM, the early guests are treated to a sunset concert by the pianists of the peninsula and at 9.10 PM, the Factory Cinema will screen the new music documentary Impromtu. Once the installations have been seen, electronic music will rule from 11.45 PM. (Viinistu village, Kuusalu parish, Harju country)

The Museum of Occupations will be taken over by a video disco! This time, the museum will be occupied by the banned dance hits of the 1980s. The legendary DJ Einar Kapp will be at the turntable, having heated up dancefloors across Estonia since the 1970s. Every hour (at 7 PM, 8 PM, 9 PM and 10 PM), the disco will be interrupted because rules, bans and orders are to be followed and apparently, fervent party members are on the move! (Toompea 8, Tallinn)
In the very special House Museum of Flo Kasearu, lots of exciting things are happening: guided tours, a café and a quiz, but the icing on the cake is the sauna at 9 PM.  (Pebre 8, Tallinn)

The Estonian Road Museum will open the exhibition Road Full of Gossip at 6 PM. The gem of the programme will begin at 7 PM, when the twilight lecture The Winding Ways of Gossip will be held, moderated by Maire Aunaste. At 9 PM, Karin Raamat and Mati Raamat will demonstrate the possibilities of making music with bicycle bells and an ensemble of bicycle bells will be formed with the help of visitors. (Varbuse, Kanepi parish, Põlva country)
The retro bus of the Museum of Coastal Folk will gear up, making rounds between all the museums of Viimsi. The bus will stop at the Estonian War Museum, Estonian RMK Viimsi Nature Centre, the Viimsi Open Air Museum and the Museum of Coastal Folk, which celebrates its birthday. On the occasion of its 90th birthday, the School of Coastal Folk will ring with music again like in the good old times… The great hall will host a gourmet café and there will be live music. (Nurme road 3, Pringi village, Viimsi parish, Harju country)

The Chuvash National Costume Museum, located in the Old Town of Tallinn, will naturally introduce Chuvash music on the Night of Museums. The programme includes old songs, the audience can sing along, even if they don’t know the lyrics and can’t carry a tune. In addition to singing, you can acquaint yourself with the Chuvash national costumes, which date back as far as late 19th century. (Uus 19 / Vene 28, Tallinn)
The National Archives will organise several outdoor concerts, the first one will take place at 6 PM on their balcony. The students of the Heino Eller Tartu Music School will perform. Afterwards, you can discover the depths of the vaults and the archives located high up below the roof (prior registration required). The gem of the programme is the Rooftop Concert, starting at 10 PM, with the band Tartu Popi ja Roki Instituut. (J. Liivi 4, Tartu)

The Viljandi Kondas Centre will introduce its exhibition of French outsider art. At 7 PM, the centre’s courtyard will host a party with the Estonian Traditional Music Centre, where friends, neighbours, students, teachers and relatives can twist themselves into the summer together. Music will be provided by the best musicians from the countryside and the town. (Pikk street 8, Viljandi)
The Kohtla Mining Park will open its doors at 8 PM. All enthusiasts can enjoy free tours underground, everyone can ‘mine’ for a treasure, buy handicraft and take part in a raffle. The main act of the concert beginning at 10 PM will be the Kirderanniku Choir. (Jaama 1, Kohtla-Nõmme, Ida-Viru country)
The A. H. Tammsaare Museum in Vargamäe will organise a night tour in the sounds of nature from 8.50 PM to 10.20 PM. After the tour, you can be a part of the creation of a runo song at the museum. (Vetepere village, Albu parish, Järva country)