Have you ever wonder what are the activities Estonians do during the Midsummer? Or are you rather interested in Estonian mainstream pop music? Here is a daring guide of wide-ranging recommendations for that. Take your pick!

Kakumäe Midsummer Eve Bonfire
21 Jun
Haven Kakumäe Marina

Imagine the enchanting sunset at the brand new Haven Kakumäe Marina, the beginning of summer, Midsummer Eve bonfire and beloved Marko Matvere.

Tabivere Midsummer Eve Bonfire
21 Jun
Tabivere park

The programme includes traditional Midsummer Day games. In the evening, there’s a party with a band Põhja-Tallinn. The mood is created by folk ensemble Frühschoppen.

Vanamõisa Midsummer Eve Bonfire
22 Jun
Vanamõisa Open Air Centre

The main performers are Liis Lemsalu, Jan Uuspõld and Vanemõde.

Ülenurme Midsummer Eve Bonfire
22 Jun
Estonian Agricultural Museum

The main performer is Marju Länik and the night comes with the ensemble Nukker Kukeke.

Rakvere Midsummer Eve Bonfire
22 Jun
Rakvere Park

Dagö and Fantaasia are performing at Rakvere Midsummer Eve Bonfire.

Kose Midsummer Eve Bonfire
22 Jun
Kose Song Festival Grounds

The performers are Nexus, Terminaator, Karl Madis & Karavan, Koit Toome and Sarah, Patune Pool, Renate and DJ Lenny Lavida.

Haljala Midsummer Eve Bonfire
22 Jun
Haljala School

Haljala Midsummer Eve Bonfire is held at the courtyard of Haljala School. Dance music is played by the band Hollarii, the programme also includes party games. The mood is created by the folk dance group Segapidi.

Lindi Midsummer Eve Bonfire
22 Jun
Lindi village

The programme includes Ülle Kool and Esta Ruusmann, dance group Anna Raudkatsi Tantsuselts and dance music by POSÕ.

Haapsalu Midsummer Eve Bonfire
22-23 Jun
Haapsalu Episcopal Castle

Haapsalu Midsummer Eve Bonfire brings something to everyone: from Scooter to Üllar Jörberg.

Pühajärve Midsummer Eve Bonfire
22-23 Jun
Pühajärve park

Pühajärve Midsummer Eve Bonfire comes with a special show by Kerli Kõiv, Example (UK), Tungevaag & Raaban (SWE), Terminaator and many others.

Midsummer Eve in Raadi Manor Park
23 Jun
Estonian National Museum

There have always been dancing and singing around the bonfire with musicians and ensembles. In addition, the Estonian National Museum and its Friends Club have thought about a lot of other activities that can be enjoyed in the manor park and the beautiful shore of Raadi lake.

St John’s Day in Vormsi
23 Jun

During the day, you can buy local products at Rälby fair at Rälby village windmill; in the evening, everyone is welcome to the Hullo swing grounds where you can dance around the big bonfire.

Valgeranna Midsummer Eve Bonfire
23 Jun
Doberan Beach House

The performers are 2 Quick Start, Shanon, Meie Mees and Marju Länik.

Viimsi Midsummer Eve Bonfire
23 Jun
Viimsi Open-Air Museum

Music is played by Marko Matvere & VLÜ and Karl-Erik Taukar Band.

Pärnu Midsummer Eve Bonfire
23 Jun
Pärnu moat

The performers are Patune Pool, Hellad Velled, Nancy and Voldemar Kuslap.

Mulgimaa Midsummer Eve Bonfire
23 Jun
Karksi Castle

Music is played by Merlyn Uusküla, Toomas Anni and Põhja-Tallinn.

Midsummer Eve at Estonian Open Air Museum
23 Jun
The Estonian Open Air Museum

For the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, there is an extraordinary opportunity to travel through time on this day of miracles. You can make time leaps into important breaking points in the formation of our nation and country. You can enjoy music by Ultima Thule, Seitsmes Meel, Jäääär, Kukerpillid, Suprjadki, Leigarid and Pritsu Brass.

Gaudeamus 2018: dance performance “The Mystery of Midsummer Eve”
23 Jun
Tartu Tamme stadium

The spectacular dance performance “The Mystery of Midsummer Eve” takes place on Midsummer Eve and is a spectacle of dance, fire, light with over a thousand of participants.

Gaudeamus 2018: The Songs of Midsummer
23 Jun
Tartu Song Festival Grounds

The best student choirs and orchestras in the Baltics will perform in the song festival, playing a lively Midsummer Day themed repertoire.