On the evening of August’s last Saturday,  all the Estonian people and their guests are invited to the sea to light a fire on the beach and see other fires reply to form a chain of bonfires around the Baltic Sea and connect us to our neighbours. The aim of the evening is to light as many fires on the shores of Baltic Sea that two or more fires would be visible in every seaside settlement.
Regatta of wooden boats near Prangli Island
Prangli Island
Wooden boat enthusiasts’ gathering near Wrangö Island, i.e. regatta of wooden boats near Prangli Island. Evening end-of-summer party and the Night of Ancient Bonfires! Band and disco in the Harbour Shed. If you haven’t got your own yacht you may find additional information about visiting the island from here.
Night of Ancient Lights in Seaplane Harbour
Seaplane Harbour
Concert by beloved singer Mari Jürjens will take place and folk dancers will perform. At sunset, a bonfire is lit on the shore according to the ancient tradition, guiding the sailors home from the distant seas. The whole programme takes place at the outdoor area of the Seaplane Harbour and is free of charge!
Night of Ancient Lights at Lobotka village square
Lobotka village square
Concert and dance party. The Estonian-Welsh folk music duo Sild & Karl Laanekask and the ensemble Lustipill will perform.
The night of ancient bonfires at the patarei beach
Patarei prison
On Saturday, 27 August Patarei prison and the beach there will spend the evening and night celebrating the Night of Ancient Bonfires at the Patarei Beach. There’s a music program and for the hungry ones a foodtruck will be present. The huge bonfire will be lit exactly at 8:30 pm like elsewhere on other beaches and coastal stretches.
The sea, music and ancient lights
Toila beach
The largest end of the summer event in Virumaa “The sea, music and ancient lights” will take place for the seventh time this year. The event in Toila beach is for the whole family with activities on land and sea. There is a fire sculpture team competition and all the sculptures will be lighted at 9.30 pm.
There are also plenty of other bonfires and events going on all across the sealine and and also by the lakes. You may have a look at all the different events from here.