Here is a diverse and bold choice of events for the ongoing week. Open your minds and have a great time!

Concert performance “Diva”
22/23 Nov
Niguliste Church – St Anthony’s Chapel

What happens on stage when the shine of celebrity has blinded the diva’s perception of reality? The moving and ridiculous duet-duel of the capricious singer and her frustrated concert master is accompanied by the most famous opera arias. Therefore: the accompanist does not think much of the singer and the singer thinks the piano player is a complete butterfingers. But together, they must perform Verdi, Bizet and Wagner… Not to mention being short of cash and everyone thinking that classical music is dead.

12 Nov – 24 Nov

PEFF will screen masterpieces from the whorehouse of cinema history. Not recommended for voters, but certainly to mature persons who can take a step back and open their minds. This would be difficult, if not impossible, to classify as entertainment – aggressively thwarting or exceedingly framing the sexual normative and relevant notions beyond.

Dance performance ‘Beautiful’
21/22/27 Nov
Vaba Lava – Open Space

No-one can take away our feelings and memories of these incredible and tender moments of happiness that everyone of us has experienced in life. This piece is about inner beauty that hopefully still saves the day… There are places in the world where gods still seem to be alive, and other places where this feeling is lost.

Launch of Mick Pedaja’s debut album “Hingake / Breathe”
23/26 Nov
Kumu auditorium/ New building of the Estonian National Museum

Mick Pedaja is a young singer and songwriter from Rapla, who became more widely known with his successful participation at Eesti Laul 2016 concert, standing out with his own-penned song “Seis” and its enchanting performance. Music lovers, however, know him from before, including from the melodic prog rock ensemble Micucu. Pedaja’s own music can be described as a mixture of ambient, acoustic folk and new age, in which the sounds of nature meet with floating soundscapes and patterns.

Performance “Genesis remiks” by Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava
23/24 Nov
Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava

GENESIS is a world the first impulse of which is dreaminess. We see potential personified as form and movement, which can only be made visible through dance. It is a creative space, where dreams exist in parallel with reality and individual experience melts into collective consciousness. Author of the concept and choreographer: Mala Kline (Slovenia/Belgium)

Christmas music festival “Church Holidays in the Land of Mary”
26 Nov 2016 – 07 Jan 2017
All over Estonia
And so it starts! Opening concerts on the 1st Advent will introduce organ, the king of musical instruments; the following Advent concerts bring holiday spirit to rural churches, manors and music lounges. The year traditionally ends with brilliant large scale works which have fascinated audience for 10 years and the last festival concerts will be on the 6th and 7th of January.

Christmas Jazz. Family concert “Upa-upa ubinakõnõ”
27 Nov
Kumu auditorium

And again, but differently! The Jõulujazz family concert brings to the audience playful, inventive and transcendental music. The harmony of various instruments, electronics and vocals is definitely different and exciting. Various combinations of sound are created by rather unusual “instruments”: bubble wrap, a plastic bag, a video tape, a tool box and others.