Here are this week’s recommendation, we hope they offer you amusement, but also themes to think about. Have a wonderful week!
New circus performance „One more gift“
17, 18 , 19 and 21 Dec
Christmas is a special situation for a collective seething. Any circus act on stage is centered around a gift, but not on behalf of it. The human itself is on a pedestal, not restricted by hierarchy or barriers between people. Different generations will meet on stage to act together on the thin border of reality and tricks. Monocycles are included in the game, to act as a nostalgic dodge to a classical circus tradition.
International Glass Art Biennial 2D
09 Dec – 23 Dec
Rapla County Contemporary Art Centre
This year, there are 29 participants from around the Baltic Sea – Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, and Sweden, and the exhibition travels again between Vilnius, Jurbarkas, Pärnu, and Riga. Artworks in a variety of hot and cold glassworking techniques explore the possibilities of two-dimensional glass in three-dimensional space. The so-called Vilnius School – historically a centre of 2D glass art – meets and exchanges ideas with its Baltic neighbours.
Concert Series “Stories of Music and Time”
13 Dec
Museum of Occupations

Concerts, held in places with a sense of history or a certain era, will attune the audience to imagination, deep consideration, and ample backgrounds. Each concert is preceded by a brief introduction by people with entertaining thoughts.

The Christmas Selling Exhibition of Applied Arts
14 Dec – 16 Dec
Estonian National Library

Estonian professional applied artists will introduce design, ceramics, glass, leather, jewellery, textile and graphic art. The annual selling exhibition shows the creation of more than 50 Estonian artists.
17 Dec
Estonian National Opera
There is a possibility to walk out onto the Main Stage, or visit the costume workshop or scenery painting room, and possibly even meet a singer or a dancer as the tour goes around, but also learn about the architecture, stagecraft, opera and ballet from the knowledgeable tour guides.  The tour tends to have a little different face every time.

16 Dec
Tartu Harbour Theatre
A romantic ballet drama about a mute piano player and her daughter. The production team is quite  international: choreographer, director & writer Marika Aidla, stage designer Maarja Meeru, video designer Janek Savolainen and composers Michael Nyman & Dario Marianelli
Erich Merila’s “Hyperpolis”
09 Dec 2016 – 08 Jan 2017
Tallinn City Gallery
Acclaimed Estonian photo artist Herkki-Erich Merila casts an inquiring eye over the architecture and people of an anonymous Chinese metropolis. The global population has more than doubled in the last 50 years. While a growing number of people around the world have moved to the cities.