Estonian Institute’s Culture Step volunteer Annisa Monoarfa Laasma brings out 5 interesting cultural events for the upcoming weeks of September.


  1. 22 September  Ülemiste City Community Day (from 11 to 3pm). The Community Day is about meeting neighbours, getting to know their businesses and making steps towards a greener future.  

  2. 21 to 27 September  Tartu Student Days 2020. The festival will last for a week and contains about a hundred events, so both the freshmen and experienced students will find an event that interests them.

  3. 25 and 26 September  Pärnu Light Festival ÖÖvalgel. The festival presents light performances to the audience, where stories are told through light and video projection.

  4. 26 September  Silmufestival 2020 in Narva-Jõesuu. During the traditional Lamprey Festival, a fish market is open for fishermen as well as those who simply love fish. Here you can buy fresh fish as well as various fish products or try different dishes made of lampreys. 

  5. 27 September  Historic Walk in Kassisaba (Falgi Park at 4pm). A free city tour in English will take place in Kassisaba with an experienced guide who will tell exciting stories about the history of Kassisaba.