In November, the first international sculpture and installation festival SkulpaKuu is held in Tallinn. In the framework of the festival two exhibitions take place, where twelve international sculpture and installation artists take over the old EKA Gallery.

The festival’s first exhibition “Fibrous” offers genuinely spatial and physical experience, playing smartly with materials and perspectives. In addition to the many surprising moments that could be experienced while descending into the basement hall, it was great that it seemed that the visitor becomes part of the exhibition, and not only through the usual relationship between the viewer and the artwork, but rather in a more literal sense.

One of the most astonishing works for me was the floor of the exhibition hall. It was a big surprise when stepping into the basement, a thick layer of white crumble started to crunch under my feet. On closer examination, it turned out to be salt that covered the entire floor. Another work of art that caught my eye was a huge, rusted iron chain that filled half of the room. At first sight, it seemed that this chain could have arrived only with the help of an equally large crane but it turned out that there was no crane involved. I was also impressed by the small birds flying in the corner and the TV connected to the surveillance cameras, which broadcasted everything that was happening in the exhibition room.

I must say that it was one of the most interesting exhibitions I have seen lately. Group exhibitions are often more exciting than personal exhibitions as they have more inner connections. Connections between artworks, connections between artists, visitor’s connections with artworks, the intention of the artist and how it is executed or not executed.

I did not know anything about the authors of Laura De Jaeger’s curated exhibition “Fibrous” before, but they seem to be worth to keep an eye on. The names of the artists are Barbara Kocsis, Ben Caro, Darja Krasnopevtseva, Johannes Luik, Laura De Jaeger, LAURi and Martina Buck. Artistic director of the exhibition is Stacey Koosel, who has already curated many other interesting exhibitions in the local art scene.

I am looking forward to the next exhibition of SkulpaKuu, “Filtrum”, which will open on November 21. “Fibrous” will only remain open until November 14, so you have to hurry!

PS. I heard from a reliable source that about one ton of salt that covered the floor of the exhibition hall will be used by the animals in the zoo after the exhibition.

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