If you don’t have plans for the weekends, the Estonian ballet evening is a must-see for you. The performance consists of three separate parts and each one of them tells its own story.

The first one is ‘Thread’ by Tiit Helimets. It was created to show the director’s view of the way human beings grow and develop throughout their lives. Honestly, this part was pretty hard to understand from a position of an unprepared spectator but still amazing to watch. Anyway, I believe there is no shame in interpreting the performance differently, not like it was supposed to be interpreted.

The second part is called ‘Echo’ staged and directed by Eve Mutso. It is dedicated to the idea of everything we did in the past and are doing right now affecting the lives of others. The director especially wants to celebrate the concept of people uniting and achieving their goals together, with the help of their nearest and dearest. The ballet itself was simply beautiful, including both classical and modern elements.

‘Keep a Light in the Window’ by Jevgeni Grib is my absolute favourite among all of the parts. The stage was decorated as a house with several apartments. We get to see what is happening there, silently watching the life of different people. I think every one of us can find something they find familiar, draw a parallel with their own life. This performance was the thing I loved most about the ballet evening because it was so real and so relatable but still breathtaking.

To sum up, if you want to see something both purely Estonian and absolutely outstanding, this is the right thing to choose.

More information about the event: http://kultuur.info/event/ballet-evening-estonian-ballet-100/