Rumours that Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival is taking place turn out to be true. In order to participate in the three-day horror-marathon, one must go to Haapsalu, of course. To tune into the mood, film fan Helina Koldek recommends five films, which are not advisable to ignore. Pleasant experiences!
Evan Katz, Canada, USA, 2017
The cynicism, dark humour, exciting twists, and fluent movement between different genres. These are only a few keywords that characterise the creation of Evan Katz, who first won the hearts of viewers with his directorial debut „Cheap Thrills” in 2013. The opening film of HÕFF is certainly worth a look – good filmmakers, decent implementation, and enough tension is guaranteed.
Ben Wheatley, United Kingdom, 2016
Disturbing and dark „Kill List” (2011), „Sightseers” (2012) – spiced with morbid humour, dreamlike mushroom adventure „A Field in England” (2013), stylish dystopia „High-Rise” (2015)… We cannot deny – Ben Wheatley has never disappointed and does not this time. There’s nothing to it – it’s a must-watch!
Liam Gavin, Ireland, 2016
Slowly flowing occult horror balances skilfully on the boundaries of the viewer’s knowledge and ignorance, holding the tension until the very end. Steve Oram, who is familiar to HÕFF’s loyal guests, gives an uncharacteristically humour-poor role and is even better at it than being funny. The film certainly offers something to moral lovers as well!
Nabwana I.G.G, Uganda, 2016
Are you thirsty for something exotic? Here you go, there’s a long-awaited cure: a gulp of fresh Ugandan action-soup. The action-filled soap operas of Wakaliwood belong in the everyday ritual menu of a few film gourmets here, but, at HÕFF, even the ordinary people have a rare chance of going on a journey into an unprecedented cultural cauldron, where logic and sound mind may not be the best travel companions, but the hunger for humour will definitely be fed.
Morgan Spurlock, USA, 2016
Documentary and animal lovers should certainly watch the closing film of HÕFF, which followes the rich living conditions and miserable end of rats in different cities of the world from several different aspects. Approaching the film from the horror film perspective, one can also guess who the most horrible characters of the work are. There are several options: a) rats, b) tapeworms, c) people, d) someone else.