Veiko Tammjärv’s pictographic short story „Paradise Club“, an ironic take on the circumstances of Adam and Eve’s banishment from the paradise, a story familiar from the Bible, was published in the new magazine „Scratches” dedicated to author’s comics.

Veiko Tammjärv is the internationally best known comic artist and graphic designer from Estonia. The first edition of the new magazine was presented at Frankfurt book fair this autumn and it is planned to be published once a year.

The magazine is compiled by legendary Dutch comic artist and graphic designer Joost Swarte. According to his vision, „Scratches” will mainly consist of the works of contemporary Dutch and Belgian comic artists, but also a selection of the international best.

Swarte specifically highlighted Tammjärv’s comic in the interview given to the magazine „The Comics Journal“ ( In addition to Tammjärv’s, the first edition includes the works of Robert Crumb, Art Spiegelman, Chris Ware, David B, and a number of other avant-garde comic superstars.

paradise-club scraches2