The biggest highlight in the upcoming week is most probably the music and city festival Tallinn Music Week, but should you be interested in something a little different, don’t worry, we have you covered!
Tallinn Music Week 2017
27 Mar – 02 Apr 2017
TMW is one of Europe’s leading city festivals with a carefully crafted line-up of various art forms for a curious mind. Festival consists of mainly music, but there’re also side programs for art, design, food and talks on different aspects of music industry.
Photo exhibition “Life Experience”
…–02 Apr
Photo Museum
Kaupo Kikkas: “Life experience cannot be bought, lied into existence, or put on as a mask. Life experience itself is impossible to visually depict and only becomes visible through the human, into whom it has gathered drop by drop over the years.
Curator: Kaupo Kikkas
Authors: Andres Putting, Silvia Pärmann, Aivar Pihelgas, Jaan Künnap, Renee Altrov, Temuri Hvingija, Annika Metsla, Toomas Luhaäär, Stina Kase, Tõnu Noorits, Kaupo Kikkas, Kalju Suur, Harald Leppikson, Carl Sarap.
Exhibition “Folk Costume – Pure Beauty”
…– 23 Apr 2017
Kuressaare Fort, basement exhibition space
The sets of folk costumes and separate items exhibited at the exhibition were made in 2014-2016 at the folk costume workshops held by NPO Saaremaa Handicrafts Society Kadakmari. The workshop was completed by 22 women, who made a total of 30 sets of folk costumes, two of which represent continental Estonia (women’s clothes of Pärnu county and Türi), and the rest men’s, women’s, and children’s clothes of the ten parishes of Saaremaa.
Kumu Documentary: “Maurizio Cattelan: Be Right Back”
29 Mar
Kumu auditorium
An art world upstart, the provocative and elusive artist Maurizio Cattelan made his career on playful and subversive works that send up the artistic establishment, until a retrospective at the Guggenheim in 2011 finally solidified his place in the contemporary art canon. Axelrod’s equally playful profile leaves no stone unturned in trying to figure out who Maurizio Cattelan is.
International collaboration project “SKIN/NAHK/ODA”
29 Mar – 15 Apr 2017
Gallery Noorus
SKIN/NAHK/ODA is an exchange project that brings together three European Colleges: CIT Crawford College of Art and Design; Tartu Art College of Estonia; and Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania. ‘Skin’ translates succinctly in the other languages as ‘Nahk’ (Estonian) and ‘Oda’ (Lithuanian). This exchange project has challenged textile students to create art forms based on an open investigation of the formal, technical and conceptual potential of the complex identities of living organisms.
29-30 Mar, 5-6 Apr
Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava
Femmage is a fucked-up homage to five women who made revolutions with solos in contemporary dance in their time. And if not revolutions, then at least something that shook up the understanding of dance and thinking about dance in general.
Ai Heit Mjuuzik!
30 Mar , 07 Apr
Keila Culture Centre, Saue Culture Centre
The concert programme is performed by music loving/hating artists Maris Liloson, Haide Männamäe, Toomas Tross and Siim Selis. What is music and why do we love/hate it? Four artists meet on stage, each with a different vision on what a concert of good music should contain and how to express what is important in music.
Concert by Mordens and party of the World Patterns
31 Mar
GenClub in Tartu
The repertoire of Mordens, the folk ensemble of Mordvinian national theatre, consists of Erza and Moksha folk songs and folk music arrangements. Dance music is played by World Patterns DJ-s Daysleeper and Smaddy.
Hiking Fair 2017
01 Apr
Tallinn Song Festival Grounds
Hiking Fair is a fair of hiking, spare time, and active lifestyle. More than 40 creators of experiences, adventures, and hiking trips, stage programme with well-known explorers, free tours and active activities on location!
Concert by Kullaketrajad “Aia äärest laia ilma”
02 Apr
Salme Culture Centre
Interested in traditional Estonian fold dance? Dance ensemble Kullaketrajad celebrates its 65th anniversary with the concert “Aia äärest laia ilma” (“From the Home Garden to the Wide World”). The concert consists of three parts: “Home”, “Far Away from Home”, and “The Road by Our Garden”.