The new week is bringing us nice and warm rhythms for example with a hang drum concert and also several other intriguing music festivals taking place at different places in Estonia.  But there is also a lot going on in other fields of culture, so take it all in and enjoy!

Concert of Hang Massive
25 Oct
Russian Cultural Centre
Hang Massive have established themselves as the world’s leading hang duo. Their unique style of music and more recent fusion with electronic production has further set Hang Massive into a world and genre of their own.
Danny Cudd and Markus Offbeat have been playing together as a duo since the summer of 2010 and since then have performed all over the world. They have gained recognition globally, captivating their audiences with their unique and entertaining performances.
Festival ‘Üle heli 2017’
26 Oct – 29 Oct
This year’s music festival ‘Üle heli’ is held on October 26-29, 2017, and the theme of the festival is “Sound and Space”. The festival explores the relationship between sound, music, and space both physically and mentally.
The festival takes place at various exciting spaces across Tallinn and beyond: at the Loewenschede Tower, MIMstudio, the House of Blackheads, the Laine Club, the Von Glehn Theater in Nõmme, Kirimäe Manor, and the club Hall.
Tallinn Crafts Fair
27 Oct – 29 Oct
Tallinn Song Festival Ground
Tallinn Crafts Fair – it is crafts, gifts, jewelry, home furnishings, workshops, entertainment, food and drinks, and much more.
The aim of the fair is popularising crafts. The main performer is ensemble Kukerpillid.
16th International Modern Music Festival ‘Afekt’
27 Oct – 01 Nov
Tallinn, Tartu
From October 27 to November 1, 2017, the International Modern Music Festival ‘Afekt’ will be held in Tartu and Tallinn.
‘Afekt 2017’ presents modern music by top interprets and ensembles from classics to some of the freshest themes that are dominating the international stages at the moment.
DIVA! Season opening concert
28 Oct
Estonian Academy of Sciences
Corelli Music agency’s season opening concert takes place in Toompea’s music salon situated in the heart of ancient Tallinn. The highlights of opera and witty show about the capricious nature of primadonnas are performed by excellent Estonian musicians.
Mezzo-soprano Annaliisa Pillak and pianist Siim Selis will perform an unconventional concert performance “Diva” which is written and staged by Paavo Piik. “Diva” introduces the peculiar mind set of prima donnas and the company of opera stages through the most famous opera arias by Wagner, Bizet, Rossini, etc. Performance “Diva” is about the ridiculous yet emotive duet-duel of capricious singer and her accompanist who is tired of her vagaries. This evening one can see everything that can happen when opera diva’s sense of reality is blinded by the spark of fame.
Maria Metsalu ‘Mademoiselle x’
28 Oct – 02 Nov
Kanuti Gildi SAAL
The performance operates in the realm of the figure of Mademoiselle x – a semi-fictional woman who, while being alive, is convinced that she is in fact dead. She believes she has no brain, no nerves, no chest, no stomach, no intestines, being nothing more than a decomposing body. Despite this, she also believes that she is eternal and would live forever. In this realm, everything could be possible and allowed, all is a part of her and originates from her, forming a complex but uncomplicated system. Complex systems are uncertain. It’s unfeasible to predict how they will exactly react regardless of whether or not we understand the nature of their individual parts.
Mademoiselle x steals elements from lo-fi haunted attractions that simulate the experience of entering haunted locations.Through the narrative of Mademoiselle x who lingers “in between” as living un-dead, a zombified body, the state of the performer and repetitive performing of the same shows with same material with the same motivation over again is put under observation.
Voldemar Kuslap “Here Is the Song”
29 Oct
Pärnu Concert Hall
The concert program “Here Is the Song” is an opportunity to celebrate the 80th birthday of one of the living legends of Estonian music. Having retained his gallant gentlemanly style, the beloved soloist of the Estonian National Opera, “Wild Knight” Voldemar Kuslap, is known to many Estonians as an opera and operetta star, the star of the classic movie Men don’t cry, and as a pop singer. Maestro Kuslap is happy to still be on stage and drives himself to his various performances across Estonia from his apartment in Mustamäe.