Happy first week of spring, dear friends, here are some recommendations on how to spend it.
Exhibition and pop-up museum “I’m so Angry!ˮ
23 Feb – 23 Apr
Museum of Occupations
The exhibition “I’m so Angry!ˮ introduces you to individuals from across Europe, who between 1956 and 1991, the year of the collapse of the Soviet Union, became part of a movement that shaped our history. People who fought for freedom and democracy, the right to abortion or simply a place to live.
Festival of visual culture “World Film”
21 Mar – 25 Mar
Estonian National Museum
Anthropological and ethnographic documentaries are screened in the Tartu festival of visual culture “World film” (“Maailmafilm”). During the week the audience is taken to every continent, taking under scrutiny the so-called strangers, and becoming acquainted with these with the help of films.
Mr Gaga
22 Mar

Kumu auditorium
This documentary chronicles the life and work of the modern dance choreographer Ohad Naharin, offering a glimpse of the artistic genius’ creative process. Ohad Naharin is one of the most prominent, innovative and productive choreographers in the world. The film follows Naharin as he travels through Japan, Holland, Sweden and Israel, and through uncompromising work with dancers. The film offers a unique portrait of the 60-year old artist at the most critical point of his personal life.
Music event: Anna Põldvee and Erki Pärnoja
23 Mar
Estonian Traditional Music Centre
Singer Anna Põldvee and guitarist Erki Pärnoja have made music together for more than 13 years. Over the last years, however, their joint activities have not made it out of their home. Most recently, they took the stage together at the spring Jazzkaar.
9th birthday of Estonian Traditional Music Centre
24 Mar
Estonian Traditional Music Centre
The Estonian Traditional Music Centre in Viljandi celebrates its 9th year of existence. Ensemble Untsakad performs at the birthday party.
Jazz.ee presents: Bad Habits Trio
24 Mar

Theatre NO99 Jazz Club
Andre Maaker, Peedu Kass and Ahto Abner have met in various line-ups during the last 10 years but for the first time they came together as a trio in 2013, at a concert at Viljandi Guitar Festival. In the last years there have been concerts in Estonia and abroad, at clubs and festivals. The trio plays the band members’ original creation which, performed by these three improvisers, always sounds new and fresh on the stage.
Physics and Phantasma
25 Mar /26 Mar

Kanuti Gildi SAAL
KanutiGildi SAAL“Physics and Phantasma” devotes itself to the function, production and need of fantasy. To fantasize is a technical ability beyond good and evil. It is the setting for our desire and a necessary tool for us to become, what we call, whole subjects. At the same time the basis of any revolutionary potential and the foundation of racist prejudice. In the thinking of this piece, the phantasmatic is far most a defence mechanism enabling us to comprehend with the inconsistencies of the world.
Exhibition “Silver Documents. Artisan Pendant Shields from the 17th to 19th Centuries”
02 Mar – 10 Sep
St Nicholas Museum
Centuries ago, becoming a master craftsman was associated with many rituals. One of them was the donation of a silver coin or a silver object to the craft guild. From the 17th century onwards it became a tradition to donate a small silver shield engraved with the name of the master and the year and date of becoming a master. In the middle of the shield there was usually the emblem of the craft. These small shields were hung on a welcome cup of the craft guild, and therefore they are called pendant shields. Due to the textual and visual information, these shields can be perceived as documents in silver.