This week you can watch a screening of Puccini’s opera, a film about the “dolphin man” or Joosep Matjus’s epic film about Estonian nature. You can also visit interesting exhibitions at Tallinn Art Hall Gallery, Temnikova & Kasela Gallery and Kumu Art Museum. In addition there is a dance performance “Breathe! Do not breathe!”, an interdisciplinary festival “Crazy Tartu” as well as parties in Tallinn and Tartu. Make your choice!

Soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek sings Puccini’s gun-slinging heroine in this romantic epic of the Wild West, alongside star tenor Jonas Kaufmann in the role of the outlaw Dick Johnson. Baritone Željko Lučić is the vigilante sheriff Jack Rance, and Marco Armiliato conducts.

Director: Giancarlo del Monaco

Ivar Veermäe’s exhibition “Eternal Interests”

5 Nov – 2 Dec
Tallinn Art Hall Gallery

The demolition of the Baltic Exchange in London in 1993 has resonated both in the art world and in the media. Resonates still, because most of what is left of the building is awaiting its fate in Estonia. The story of the Baltic Exchange is also the starting point of Ivar Veermäe’s exhibition. This – visually created – generalization is a story of an eternal circle of interests, which develop, collide and fade away.

The art of Ivar Veermäe (born 1982, works in Berlin and Tallinn) evolves similarly to the thread of a networked world while keeping a sharp eye on the functioning of an uncontrollable whole.

Oleg Frolov & Tobias Kaspar “Epicentre”

5 Nov – 12 Jan 2019
Temnikova & Kasela Gallery

Oleg Frolov’s and Tobias Kaspar’s joint exhibition “Epicentre” at Temnikova & Kasela Gallery uses the night image of the planet Earth as an advertisement and observes the artists’ discomfort against the polarized world and the cities where they live.

Exhibition “The X-Files [Registry of the Nineties]”

5 Nov – 14 Apr 2019
Kumu Art Museum

The X-Files is an exhibition that delves into the deeper layers of the decade and tries to shed light on works that have been overshadowed, have been forgotten or have even disappeared from the cultural memory.

It attempts to view some of the works by disregarding the main narrative of 90s art, which has already been relatively well-developed, attempts to recover phenomenal works from a decade that was quite indifferent to the preservation of these works, and searches for definite beginnings in the local art field in regard to general trends and individual authorial positions. The exhibition also tries to accurately depict the societal metamorphoses that characterised this explosive decade, as they are reflected in the art found outside of canonical works.

Curators: Eha Komissarov and Anders Härm

Kumu Documentary: Dolphin Man

7 Nov
Kumu auditorium

Discover the story and legacy of Jacques Mayol, the legendary free-diver whose life became the inspiration for Luc Besson’s cult film The Big Blue.

Narrated by Jean-Marc Barr, the actor who portrayed Mayol in The Big Blue, the film weaves together rare archival film from the 1950s onwards with stunning contemporary underwater photography to discover how the “dolphin man” revolutionized free-diving and brought a new consciousness to our relationship with the sea and our inner selves.

Director: Lefteris Charitos

Language: In English, French and Japanese, with English subtitles

Free of charge!

The Wind Sculpted Land

7 Nov
Paide Music and Theatre House
8 Nov
Kuressaare Town Theatre

Joosep Matjus’s epic nature film The Wind Sculpted Land makes a deep bow to Estonian nature, which is the true business card of Estonia.

Landscapes, which have been knitted throughout the millennia, speak to us about ancient times. No single feature has turned up here randomly, but all have been carefully sculpted in spite of the battle between primordial forces and the inhabitants of this place. Every tree and blade of grass has been carefully cut out, animals have been attracted or driven away, voices have been pulled closer and arranged to sound in the chorus. All in accordance with opportunity and necessity. The aspirations and sense of beauty held by our ancestors have survived in the patterns of our landscapes.

In Estonian, with Russian subtitles.

Breathe! Do not breathe!

7 – 9 Nov
Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava

“If one can breathe, then one can dance!”

Liis Vares’ new performance observes the reactions and instincts specific to human bodies and the relationships between them. The performance reveals subjects that can not be discussed but can only be moved and dance through. On the stage, two very different bodies as materials are meeting: dance artist Liis Vares and simply Paša (as he introduces himself). From the meeting of two bodily realities, every evening a social sponge is born to be squeezed empty together to create a new reality.

Liis: “My performance deals with the death of dance. Or with the birth of it. With the birth or death of the body. Depending on which perspective you are looking from.”
Paša: “I’m not a dancer, I’m a pensioner.”

Author-director: Liis Vares
Performers: Liis Vares, Pavel Semjonov

Festival “Crazy Tartu”

8 – 9 Nov

“Crazy Tartu” is an international interdisciplinary festival where writers, poets, musicians and artists from Estonia and abroad come to perform.

One of the main principles of the festival is to bring as many unprecedented performances to the audience as possible. This principle is also followed when choosing the venue for the event. Each year, a piece of art is unveiled for the first time in the new environment.


November 8th Tartu Literature House (Vanemuise 19)
18.15 opening of the art exhibition (Markus Kasemaa, Jüri Kask, Kaido Ole, Virge Jõekalda, and Ilmar Malin)
18.45 Indrek Koff, Jan Kaus, Hasso Krull, Philip Meersman (BEL)
20.10 Gabi Csutak (HUN), Jo Dixon (UK)
20.45 Julie Easley (UK), Doris Kareva, Triin Soomets

November 9th Tartu Literature House (Vanemuise 19)
13.30 Writing workshop by Jo Dixon (UK) – Writing the Contemporary: Earth and Sky (registration:
18.15 Berit Kaschan, Merle Jääger, Jaap Blonk (NED)
19.35 Karl Martin Sinijärv, Eeva Park, Esa Hirvonen (FIN)
20.40 Mixed choir MaSk performs the choral piece by Monika Mattieseni (+ with flute Monika Mattiesen & Leonora Palu)
21.00 Peeter Sauter, Weronika Lewandowska (POL), Mehis Heinsaar
22.15 afterparty at Arhiiv (Vanemuise 19):– poetry jam + DJs Kaspar Jassa, Jan Kaus, Jaab Blonk et al.


9 Nov
The Widget Factory

Rave of the year at Widget Factory (Aparaaditehas).

Frotee x Monopol Entertainment OÜ @Kolm Tilli (23:00-06:00)

Erki Pruul (Frotee)
Martin Jõela (Frotee)
Johann3000 (JÄCK!)
Rain Tolk (IDA Raadio)
Kaarel Valter (IDA Raadio)
Kersten Kõrge (Monopol Entertainment OÜ)

SÜNK Experimental Room @Love Hall (23:00-06:00)

LIVE: Ratkiller
LIVE: Rando Arand
LIVE: Joel Tammik
LIVE: Kienra
LIVE: Kenn-Eerik Kannike
LIVE: Myspace01
DJ: Söör Paul (SÜNK)
DJ: Uku Masin (SÜNK)

MÜRK @Aparaat (23:00-06:00)

Artur Laats (MÜRK)
Domnina (MÜRK)

KTRL @Tartu Club of Different Rooms (23:00-10:00)

Paul (Rütmika Soundsystem)
Bakey USTL (Nastja Riist)
Mava (Sünkretism / UNI)
Tanel Mütt (KTRL)


9 Nov
Tallinn Creative Hub

The world’s biggest drum and bass party series Hospitality will visit the Creative Hub on November 9!

The line-up consists of seven artists, including Brazilian drum’n’bass legend DJ Marky, Etherwood from UK and MHKL x Jozels (GRIND).

Age limit 18+!