In this week’s recommendations there are installations, photo and painting exhibitions, movie screenings as well as theatre festivals and opera days. The recommendations will be completed with hive mind, Arvo Pärt and Estonian literature poured on the streets of Kadriorg.

Fred Kotkas’s painting exhibition offers an overview of the festive days celebrated in Estonian and the people who observe them. Different events and a colourful cast of characters are explored which means that the exhibition offers a cross-section of Estonian society. At the same, negative aspects are highlighted, but the artist always depicts them with complete neutrality.

Brazilian Film Week

3 – 6 Sep
Cinema Sõprus

The films encompass a selection of the 21st century Brazilian feature films.

September 3 at 9 PM

“Elis” (2016), directed by Hugo Prata, starring Andréia Horta, Gustavo Machado and Caco Ciocler

September 4 at 8 PM

“Lavoura Arcaica” (“To the left of the father”, 2001), directed by Luiz Fernando Carvalho, starring Selton Mello, Raul Cortez, Simone Spoladore and Caio Blat.

September 5 at 9 PM

“O Invasor” (“The Trespasser”, 2001), directed by Beto Brant, starring Marco Ricca, Alexandre Borges, Paulo Miklos and Mariana Ximenes.

September 6 at 9 PM

“Tropicalia” (2012), directed by Marcelo Machado.

In 2018, the Narva Opera Days will be held for the third time.

The festival introduces contemporary classical music, has world premieres, and includes pieces by young artists (musicians, artists, directors, etc.), who, with professionals in their field, will perform well-known classics.

“Draama” will take over Tartu once more at the beginning of September. The Estonian Theatre Festival “Draama” is a curator festival. The main programme consists of the most interesting and the best productions of Estonian theatre.

Hive Mind – An Exhibition of Contemporary Finnish Art

3 Sep – 14 Oct
Tallinn Art Hall Gallery
Tallinn City Gallery

“Hive Mind” is a group show that will feature works by Anna Estarriola, Pia Siren, Yassine Khaled and Riikka Hyvönen.

“Hive Mind” is an exhibition that exists in two separate spaces at the same time, with works by the same artists mirroring each other in Art Hall Gallery and Tallinn City Gallery. The exhibition uses thought provoking artworks to raise questions about consciousness, communication, perception, judgement, emotions and how we experience these things.

Exhibition “Konrad Mägi”

03 Sep – 24 Mar 2019
Kumu Art Museum

“Happiness is not for us, for the poor sons of the land. For us, art is the only escape, as at this moment, when one’s soul is full of life’s eternal suffering, art opens to us what life cannot give us. There, in art, in one’s own creation, one can find peace.” Konrad Mägi (1878–1925) 

Luca Berti — The Blink of an Eye

3 Sep – 4 Nov
Juhan Kuus Documentary Photography Center

Luca Berti’s speciality is in taking photos the old way, using labour-intensive and comparatively slow analogue photography. In each phase of his efforts you can feel the presence and touch of the artist. On his journeys he uses a Linhof camera, which is mounted onto a heavy tripod, and 10cm × 12cm negative plates. He carefully places every stern-faced person into the picture just as photographers did in former days when picture-taking was an event in its own right.

Kärt Ojavee’s & Johanna Ulfsak’s duo exhibition “Save As”

3 Sep – 27 Oct
Temnikova & Kasela Gallery

Kärt Ojavee‘s and Johanna Ulfsak‘s second collaborative exhibition “Save As” is an installation centred around a hand-woven textile. Similarly to their 2016 project “Live Streams” (Hop gallery, Tallinn), the work is a result of various experiments with unusual combinations of materials. But there are significant differences, too. With “Live Streams”, Ojavee and Ulfsak were trying to look beyond the object itself, to connect the aesthetics and the function of the fabric with the world outside of the gallery. “Save As” has the reverse intention — the focus is on the material and form detached from apparent function.

Literary Street Festival

8 Sep
Koidula Street in Kadriorg

Lydia Koidula Street in Kadriorg, Tallinn is a unique street named by the writer. At the beginning of the street, there is Tammsaare Museum and on the other end, there is Vilde Museum. In the middle of the street, you can find an apartment building built for the Estonian writers, where many beloved writers have lived and are still living.

Almost all institutions associated with literature come to visit the Literary Street Festival. In their open tents, there are special programmes, specifically created for the festival. One can also take part of the presentations of the new books, listen to culture and literature themed discussions. There are also literary walks, book sales and intriguing exhibitions. Exciting activities for children all day long!

Marianna Busslechner (flute)
Alisa Besevic-Busslechner (piano)

Pierre Sancan – Sonatina
Cesar Franck – Sonata in A major
Roman Kariolou – Appalachia
Claude-Paul Taffanel – Fantasy on “Der Freischütz” by Carl Maria von Weber