On the menu of the culture week are a ballet gala, an art documentary, a play by Theatre NO99, a Tale of Hundred Dances, Kaparock, World of Tradition in Tartu, Hansa town Viljandi, Pärnu Summer of Art, Jõgeva County Song Festival in the Kassinurme Hills, and not to mention Uma pido, a Võro-language song and folk festival held in Võru! Good emotions guaranteed!

Tallinn Ballet School Gala
28 May
Estonian National Opera

Tallinn Ballet School Gala is a yearly end-of-the-season performance, where the young dancers perform both classical and contemporary pieces prepared within the course. In 2018 the LVI course graduates the Tallinn Ballet School, being taught by Tiiu Randviir-Tölp, Sergei Upkin, and Helen Veidebaum.

Kumu Documentary: „Look a Little More. Katja Novitskova’s Art in Six Episodes”
30 May
Kumu Auditorium

While Katja Novitskova’s personal exhibition „If Only You Could See What I’ve Seen with Your Eyes. Stage 2” is open at Kumu Art Museum, the film about her recent creative and exhibition projects will premiere at Kumu Documentary. Director: Piibe Kolka.

NO30,5 Käbikojas. Khanty Women’s Songs
30 May, 31 May, 1 June
Theatre NO99

Three women. Their mouths open and in the depths of their throats – the faces of people of whom we know nothing. Their mouths also open, revealing the faces of their ancestors. Also their mouths open. Then the singing begins.

Tale of Hundred Dances
1 June
Kalev Sports Hall

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, the Estonian Folk Dance Association is organizing a concert „Tale of Hundred Dances”. The concert is directed by Helena-Mariana Reimann, who has contributed to many Dance Celebrations and who is an instructor of the dance ensemble Sõleke. The concert features 11 dance ensembles from all over Estonia.

8th pärimusmaailm (World of Tradition)
1 June
Tartu Central Park

Pärimusmaailm (World of Tradition) is a fun and educative gathering for having a good time and gaining new skills, alone or with friends. Newer and older folk games are played, folk dances are danced, folk music is listened. You can make things in an old-fashioned way and make a small gift for a friend or family.

Viljandi Hanseatic Days
1 June – 2 June

The opening event of the Viljandi summer season, the Hanseatic Days, give visitors an overview of what can be seen and done in the city during the summer. The programme includes concerts and theatrical productions, numerous art exhibitions, a handicraft fair and a fair Mulgi Mess.

5th Võro-language song and folk festival „Uma pido”
2 June
Kubija Song Festival Grounds

„Uma pido” is a Võro-language song and folk festival that concerns eight Old Võromaa parishes. The festival connects values that are important for Estonia – Genius loci and song festival traditions. The party will be held primarily with the people of Old Võromaa, but participants and guests are also welcome both from Setomaa and other parts of Estonia and abroad.

2 June
Tohisoo Manor Park

Kaparock which hosts thousands of music lovers every year, takes place in Kohila, at the beautiful Tohisoo manor park, only half an hour drive from Tallinn. This year’s festival features Ultima Thule, Miljardid, Mick Pedaja, Metsakutsu, Laime Pilniga (LV), Indrek Ventmann, The Queen of Spades, Rainer Ild, The Boondocks, Lights Out and Blue Hearts.

Pärnu Summer of Art 2018: Alice in Wonderland
2 June – 14 July
Pärnu Town Gallery and Pärnu Artists’ House

Pärnu Summer of Art will be held for the 17th time this year, bringing the créme de la créme of Estonian art to Pärnu. The exhibition hopes to create a unique mystery of the parallel worlds of several artists. Participating artists: Jüri Mildeberg, Ines Erlemann, Ilmar Kruusamäe, Üllar Varik, Tõnis Laanemaa, Kaija Kesa, Alar Raudoja, Maret Olvet, Lev Vassiljev, Kadi Kübarsepp, Ahti Seppet, Mattias Sonnenberg, Mall Nukke, Regina-Mareta Soonsein, Regina Lukk-Toompere, and many others.

Jõgeva County Song Festival „On the Path of the Ancestors”
3 June
Kassinurme Hills

Jõgeva County’s largest folk festival in 2018 with more than seven hundred singers, musicians, and folk dancers focuses on Estonian mythology and old folk songs. This is a gift from Jõgeva County for the Republic of Estonia to celebrate its 100th birthday. The author of the idea and artistic director of the event is Janne Fridolin, choir director from Jõgeva, directors are Eva Koldits and Anne Türnpu.