This week brings together history, traditions and modern day with the help of documentaries, Tchaikovsky, opera crossovers, knights’ tournaments, experimental noise and much more.

32nd Pärnu Film Festival
25 Jun – 8 Jul
Pärnu, all over Estonia

The 32nd Pärnu Film Festival focuses on the history, traditions and modern day of the cultural space of the Baltic Sea countries. The programme is author-oriented. Some of the most interesting documentalists from each country have been selected and 4-5 documentaries by them are presented, including the author’s latest film. There is also student films and the programme of science films at Pärnu Hospital, where, in addition to medical films, films about nature and the humanities can be seen.

27 Jun
Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia

Three Norwegian experimental noise and rock musicians are visiting us – Sindre Bjerga, Crazy River, and André Borgen. They are supported by the sound project Algorütmid and Estonian composer, harpist and improvisator Liis Viira.

Haapsalu Tchaikovsky Festival
28–30 Jun

This year’s festival will host guests from the cradle of Estonian professional music, from St Petersburg. Two representative collectives come from there – the St Petersburg Symphony Orchestra (North-Western Russia) and the St Petersburg State Academic Cappella. It would be impossible to imagine Tchaikovsky Festival without a ballet, and this time we will see the romantic ballet by Mare Tommingas of the Vanemuine Theater. Of course, the programme includes some carefully selected chamber concerts. Everyone who enjoys beauty, romance, great feelings and splendid melodies, the historical concert venues, tender summers nights, romantic old town and, of course, the magnificent music of Tchaikovsky, is welcome.

Tartu City Day 2018 – Opera Crosses Over vol. 3
29 Jun

On City Day traces of Tartu are once again being brought to you by musicians, well-orchestrated concerts, tours, storytellers, locals and guests alike, as well as by otherwise closed doors that open up that day to invite you in. The city`s museums, cafés, libraries, and churches will happily share some of the responsibility for organising the fun and educational activities of the day. The final great crossover concert of City Day will take place on Town Hall Square. Opera soloists, actors, Tartu University Symphony Orchestra and summertime Tartu will all team up for the final symbioses of the day at 9 p.m.

Seto Folk
29–30 Jun
Värska Song Ground

Seto Folk is a festival where experiences and inspiration arise from the combination of music and nature, and to assure that, Värska song festival grounds and Seto Farm Museum are conquered by fiery musicians from Estonia and abroad for two days. For example, Marko Matvere and VLÜ, Cätlin Mägi, Lõõtsavägilased, Naised Köögis, Päri Päri, Mandro Trio, Ansambel Kirju, Verska Naase’ and many others will perform. As a special project, the 1st Seto Dance Party will born, and of course, all guests will have an opportunity to sing and dance with setos. In addition to high-quality music and special concert venues, the festival’s hiking programme is expecting you to become part of the wonders and riches of Setomaa nature. Seto Folk is a family festival and, considering the smallest visitors, there will be fun activities in the festival’s children’s area. In the late evenings, the old diner will open its doors and the legendary diner disco will welcome those who want to party.

20th “The Music of Seven Cities” Festival
29 Jun – 15 Jul
Ida-Viru County

The original idea behind the festival – seven days, seven concerts, seven cities – has been developed over the years, and now “The Music of Seven Cities” with its twenty concerts is a grand event which takes place at exciting concert venues all over Ida-Viru County. This year’s programme is a look back at the festival’s history and includes something for any taste, along with familiar places and beloved artists who have delighted the audience again and again over the years. This is balanced by new concert venues for the audience to discover and artists from Estonia and abroad.

Artists in Collections: Jevgeni Zolotko at Sillamäe Museum
29 Jun – 31 Aug
Sillamäe Museum

Jevgeni Zolotko’s exhibition is an image of memory composed of pieces of the past and at the same time, it is a displaced site-specific space experience. The artist observes the current situation in Viivikonna, a settlement near the town of Sillamäe through the oral memories of former and present inhabitants. The mining town built by war prisoners was completed in 1955, during the glory days, there were a few thousand people living in there, now there are barely a few dozens of them. Monologues that are the bases of the exhibition are geographically linked to the central Rahu Street, whose prominent Stalinist architecture is today largely in ruins.

3rd Narva Medieval Festival
30 Jun – 1 Jul
Narva Castle

In the courtyard of Narva Castle, scenes from the year 1346, when the sales agreement of the castle was signed by the King of Denmark and the German Order, will be re-enacted. The guests can watch and cheer on knights’ tournaments as well as sword and archery competitions. Medieval musicians aka minstrels and traveling clowns aka skomorokhs will perform, there will be theatre and versatile entertainment characteristic of the era is offered to both big and small guests.

3rd Lake Peipus Festival
30 Jun – 7 Jul

Within the framework of the 3rd Lake Peipus Festival, people will gather in Vasknarva, from where a joint exciting journey to Värska will begin. The fleet of Lake Peipus Festival stops every day at a new harbor, where workshops introducing the Peipus food, nature and water safety and a colorful culture programme will take place. The delicacies are offered by the local caterers, who have come to introduce the region’s food culture. At the end of the day, guests can enjoy a breathtaking concert right on the shore of Lake Peipus.

Day of 100 costumes
1 Jul
Sagadi Manor

A unique family day is coming up, where you can try on different costumes of the epoch of manors. Both the mansion and the forest museum are open for guests. You are invited to take part in the fun manor games and excursions. The manor cafe is open and Sagadi Restaurant offers meals.