This week has plenty to offer for, well for anyone really. There are all kinds of festivals happening and all kinds of films and art are shown.

Finno-Ugric Film Festival
4–8 Jul
Sänna Culture Manor

The festival will open with a wonderful concert by Lauri Sommer and an unforgettable performance by Finnish artist Outi Rossi. In addition to the competition programme, there’s a chance to see Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian short films, the special programme “Spanish do it yourself”, and a truly interesting choice of shorts from the oldest short film festival in Turkey, Konya. At this year’s FUFF, we will also exclusively show the first full-length feature in Mari language.

22nd Muhu Future Music Festival “Juu jääb 2018”
5–8 Jul
Muhu Music Farm

The music project, which started in 1997 with only one concert, has become an internationally recognized cultural event for over 21 years, with more than 12 concerts during 5 days and up to 100 top-notch musicians from Estonia and abroad. This year, the performers come from Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Denmark, France, the USA, and Japan in addition to Estonia.

24th Võru Folklore Festival
5–8 Jul

Since 1995, hundreds of dancers, instrumentalists and singers from both Estonia and abroad have gathered together in Võru County in July and offered a unique opportunity to become part of the folk art from different countries. Festival, this means colorful concerts and dance parties, competitive playing on Teppo-style accordions, dance rooms, a major street dance, festival fair and more.

International Youth Language Festival
5–11 Jul

International event for high school and early university students to let them learn more about various languages and cultures held in Estonia and representing the Estonian language as part of the programme. The programme will consist of several series of presentations of languages of the world (Estonian included) led by professional linguists from different countries aiming at showing the young people the diversity of linguistic and ethnographic features of those languages. They say learning languages is good for the brain, so why not try it out?!

Festival “The Mountain Sound”
6–7 Jul
Estonian Mining Museum

Two days of exotic in Ida-Viru County. Three stages, cinema, excursions and what other whatnots. We really recommend this festival for everyone who wants to find out about the not so mainstream (in best of ways) music scene of Estonia.

Piano Festival “Captivated by the Piano”
7–8 Jul
Kadriorg Palace

The festival is dedicated to the 100th birthday of the Republic of Estonia, and at each concert, the works of Estonian composers are performed. The festival will host 4 concerts with very different and expressive titles.

Võnge 2018. The Travelling Music Festival
7 Jul
Vango Wonderland

The only traveling music festival in Estonia, “Võnge” (formerly “Acoussion”), vibrates this summer  to Pärnu County for the first time. Known and lesser-known unique musicians from Estonia and abroad will perform on the poetic stages planted in nature. “Võnge” is a family-friendly festival, which is free for children under the age of 16. Well-behaved dogs and other domestic animals are also allowed!

Exhibition “Memories”
15 Jun – 31 Jul
Kuku Club

The exhibited works are by two refugee artists from Syria, Bakri Wazzan (1993) and Fadi Abboud (1993), who are currently residing in Sweden. The exhibition consists of linocuts, drypoints, and collagraphs made by the two artists, informed for the most part by their travel from Syria to Sweden. They cover topics such as the last photo made with close ones before parting, the mother who stays behind, waiting endlessly, and relationships both familial and romantic. Other works look too at relationships of power and entitlement, as people from different social classes find themselves moving through the same conditions.