In the third week of October, Lars von Trier’s controversial new movie will be finally seen at Estonian cinemas, Arvo Pärt Centre will open its doors in Laulasmaa, very different bodies will meet at Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava, music will be played at NUKU Museum, Barbara Welzel will talk about the role of things in works of art, Pia Frau will tour in Tallinn and Tartu, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre will combine interpretation, improvisation and contemporary performing arts, there will be some artishocking art at the passenger terminal of the Baltic railway station and some unexpected performativity in different parts of Tallinn, and there’s a possibility that you will see two extraordinary pictures if you happen to be in the right neighbourhood in Tartu.

The House That Jack Built

15 & 18 Oct
Coca-Cola Plaza
20 Oct
Cinema Sõprus

Lars von Trier likes to shock the audience, and he doesn’t make an exception with his most recent psychological horror film The House That Jack Built. The story follows Jack, a highly intelligent serial killer, over the course of twelve years, and depicts the murders that really develop his inner madman.

Arvo Pärt Centre’s opening day

17 Oct
Arvo Pärt Cenctre

The Arvo Pärt Centre opens its doors on October 17 at 12 o’clock. Tours and concerts during the day are followed later by a presentation of a new short documentary Who is Arvo Pärt by Jaan Tootsen and Jaak Kilmi and a graphic novel Between two sounds by Joonas Sildre based on Arvo Pärt’s life.

Breathe! Do not breathe!

18 & 19 Oct
Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava

Liis Vares’s new performance observes the reactions and instincts specific to human bodies and the relationships between them. The performance reveals subjects that can not be discussed but can only be moved and dance through. On the stage, two very different bodies as materials are meeting: dance artist Liis Vares and simply Paša (as he introduces himself). From the meeting of two bodily realities, every evening a social sponge is born to be squeezed empty together to create a new reality.

NUKU Concert Series will continue to offer the audience and the musicians the joy of discovery – every concert represents some surprising form of puppetry, whether it be a shadow and light play, or the inclusion of puppets in a concert programme. In addition to listening, the audience can also see music and performers can enrich their ways of expression. This time folk singer Maarja Soomre and dancer Brite Vilgo will perform.

What is the role of things in works of art? How do the things depicted in artworks “speak” to the world beyond images? What information about the world outside images do we need to reconstruct the “period eye”, the historical cognition? The talk by Professor of Art History Dr. Barbara Welzel will probe the perspective of the material turn in artworks which were created and mediated for the Hanseatic world and for trade.

Pia Fraus Autumn Tour in Tartu and Tallinn

19 Oct
The Widget Factory
20 Oct
Von Krahl Theatre

Estonian dream-poppers Pia Fraus start their autumn tour at the Tartu Widget Factory with their long-time lover Zahir. The tour will continue at the Von Krahl Theatre in Tallinn with Finnish band The New Tigers.


19–24 Oct

The keywords of the music festival AutumnFest, which is held for the 19th time in October 2018, are fresh sounds and works that belong to the classics of new music. The representative festival of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre combines academic units, as well as various universities.

6th Artishok Biennal

20–28 Oct
The passenger terminal of the Baltic railway station

The 6th Artishok Biennial (VI AB) will use the format of a fashion exhibition. Participating artists: Dmitri Gerasimov, Ragne Kikas, Laivi, Kris Lemsalu, Claudia Lepik, Tanja Muravskaja, Kärt Ojavee, Jaanus Samma. Participating writers: Aet Annist, Gustav Kalm, Oliver Laas, Margit Lõhmus, Francisco Martinez, Siim Nurklik, Aleksander Rostov, Anne Vetik, Annamari Vänskä. All artists will create two sets of works that will be presented over the course of eight days alongside texts written specifically about the works. On the last day of the exhibition, all the works will be presented during a joint fashion demonstration.

7th NU Performance Festival

20–28 Oct

The topic of the 7th NU Performance Festival is “Object with Audience”. The focus of the festival is the timeline and performative possibilities of object art, and performances that reinterpret the role of the audience as a part of the performance, both in the individual as well as collective experience. We are interested in looking for performativity where one is not used to finding it. The curators of this year’s festival are Henri Hütt and Mihkel Ilus.

The new exhibition of the Voronja Gallery is unique – as have been all the previous exhibitions. The author of the works is physicist and photographer Jaak Kikas, who is a well-known name for the Tartu people. The exhibition hall is also unique – it’s an exclusive “box for living” designed/built by Tartu architect Tiit Sild. The box is located next to the garages at the end of Lubja Street. Whose home is it? Is it possible to live in such a small house without going crazy? Are there other such houses in town? Come and see and tell us what you think.