On this week you can visit a mushroom festival in Tihemetsa, a culture festival in Rapla and a hacketon in Tallinn, be part of a performance or listen to music from the 15th and 16th centuries. In addition, you can watch strange films on the Festival of Strange Films, do some 3D printing or help to clean the Earth. Eating onions and bread is always a possibility.

Mushroom Festival 2018

14 – 15 Sep

Tihemetsa Mushroom Festival is presenting hundreds of mushroom sorts, including the most poisonous and the most delicious ones in Estonia. There are also many mushrooms one would not think of as a mushroom. In addition, guests can visit other exhibitions, attend workshops and lectures, go on mushroom hikes, and enjoy different dishes made of mushrooms.

Culture Festival “Särin” (“Sizzle”)

14 – 15 Sep
Culture Club BAAS, Rapla

Culture Festival “Särin 2018” is full of music, theatre, literature, art and film. The third “Särin” is looking for collaboration between these fields, presenting cooperation projects and creating some extra good vibes in Rapla!

There will be over 20 exciting projects and musicians both from Estonia and abroad.

Loomehäkk vol 6: Creative Tech

14 – 16 Sep
Mektory, Tallinn

The Baltics’ largest creative industries hackathon Loomehäkk returns on September 14-16 at a new location in Mektory. The topic for the 6th edition of Loomehäkk is Creative Tech – be it creative technologies or technology in creative industries.

Put together your dream team of creative types, coders, designers and hustlers for a 48-hour hackathon to hatch out a truly innovative prototype using technology creatively and creativity in tech.

Under the title “The Collective Individual Exercises” the artist Isaac Chong Wai has created a series of performances. They deal with the tension between society and the individual, between the public and the private. 

Chong works with many people of different backgrounds. He wants to investigate how society forms and solidarity emerges. Around 30 persons will participate.

The concert of the early music ensemble Rondellus is part of the programme accompanying the exhibition in the Kumu Art Museum.

The concert features the music from the courts where Michel Sittow served. The music is juxtaposed with short lectures on the theme of court festivities, both in Estonian and English.

Maria Staak – vocals
Johanna Maria Jaama – violin
Johannes Christopher Staak – vocals and bagpipes
Sander Pehk – vocals
Robert Staak – lute

Mini lectures: Kerttu Palginõmm

Festival of Strange Films

14 Sep
Rockstar’s, Tallinn

Festival of Strange Films became five years old! That’s why there will be a special event at Rockstar’s (also known as Woodstock). What will be in the programme?

Freaks (USA, 1932)
Supposedly the first exploitation film in the world. The actors are mostly people who worked in a circus in real life (you’ll get to know why while watching the movie). The 45 minutes of the original film have disappeared, as the Hollywood censors from the 1930s could not stand it.

Fateful Findings (USA, 2013)
Compared with Neil Breen, Ed Wood is a joke. Excellent cinematography, wonderful story, made with fantastic professionalism. Feet everywhere. CGI that would make envious anyone who died just after Windows 95 was released.

World Cleanup Day 2018

15 Sep
All over Estonia

On September 15, 2018, people in the most of countries will stand up against the global trash problem and clean up waste, making it the biggest positive civic action the world has seen.

Imagine a powerful “green wave” starting in Japan and ending in Hawaii, with hundreds of millions of people taking positive action together on the very same day. We aim to unite the global community, raise awareness and implement true change to achieve our final goal – a clean and healthy planet.

Buffet day on Onion Road

15 Sep
Onion Road, Tartu county

In September, during the Estonian Food Month, active residents of the Onion Road will open their homes and courtyards to the guests. All of this happens during just one day, but the greater is the joy of preparation and the pride of exhibiting their local culture and heritage.

Approximately 20 households have brought together their friends, relatives, and neighbors for the buffet day. They take a look at the recipes of their great-grandmothers and check out what the garden and forest have to offer this year, they add some products from the lake and marketplace, and they create the dishes that are characteristic to their local culture and have also distant influences. Doors will open in both Varnja and Kolkja, in Vara and Kokora, in Alatskivi and Koosa. In a word: the whole Onion Road area is waiting for the guests!

3D printing workshop

15 Sep
Design and Architecture Gallery, Tallinn

This workshop gives you an opportunity to create yourself something unqiue and master an awesome art of 3D printing!

With regard to the penetration of digital world, handwriting and drawing have been less popular nowadays. The Firka jewellery is a simple example how traditional and new technologies can be blended. Doodle (in Hungarian: Firka) is a unique piece of drawing and it reflects to the doodler’s personality. In this workshop you will doodle something special for yourself or your loved ones and then with the help of some 3d modelling you will print it with our 3d printers.

Day of Bread and Autumn Fair

16 Sep
The Estonian Open Air Museum, Tallinn

On the 16th of September Estonian Open Air Museum welcomes everyone to celebrate Estonian Bread Day.

In the middle of the harvest time we welcome everybody interested in traditional Estonian food. The hero of the day is home-made rye bread which can be called the king of our food. On Estonian Bread Day we take a look at how bread is made starting from threshing and grinding grain and finishing with how the bread is eaten. Other older Estonian dishes are also introduced. Tasty Estonian food and authentic handicraft can be bought from the autumn fair