This week is special because in the middle of the week Estonia is celebrating its Independence Day. So, we also tried to include some interesting events for you to take part on that special day.

What: Exhibition “Honest and Respectable”
Where: Tartu City Museum
When:  February 20 – March 26, 2016
“Honest and Respectable” is an exhibition of Estonian national and departmental decorations for the 98th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. There is a large selection of Estonian decorations on display. The exhibition talks about the origin and kinds of the decorations.

What: Parade of the 98th Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia
Where: Freedom Square (Tallinna Vabaduse väljak)
When:  February 24 at 12:00

The traditional Independence Day parade will be held in Tallinn on February 24 at noon. The rehearsal takes place at Vabaduse square on February 23 at 9 p.m. The units will line up on Vabaduse square on February 24 at 11:20 a.m. The parade will be received by the President of the Republic of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

What: Independence Day of the Republic of Estonia
Where: The Estonian Open Air Museum (Tallinn)
When:  February 24, 11:00 – 16:00

The Estonian Open Air Museum offers a variety of interesting things to do and experience during the Independence Day. At the kitchen of the Härjapea farm snacks are cooked according to the recipes of the 1930-s. But you can also participate in a landscape game called “Helping a friend in trouble”, listen to the the Folklore Society Leigarid sing, dance and play games and experience a battle reconstruction „Winter 1919. Red Army is on the road to Tallinn“, from the Estonian War of Independence.

What: Republic of Estonia 98 celebrations at Cinema Sõprus
Where: Cinema Sõprus (Tallinn)
When:  February 24, 17:30

Everyone who is not invited to Estonia Theatre, is kindly welcome to Cinema Sõprus to view the concert of the 98th birthday of the Republic of Estonia and the President’s reception on the big screen. The cinema thanks the Republic of Estonia and its friends and all the guests with meat jelly, pickles and potato salad.

What: A Festival Piece or a desperate attempt to receive a festival invitation
Where: Kanuti Gildi SAAL (Tallinn)
When:  February 25, 26, 27 and other

After the Independence Day celebrations you can have a laugh at “A Festival Piece or a desperate attempt to receive a festival invitation”, which is a solo performance by Henrik Kalmet. After visiting lots of theatre festivals and contemporary theatre shows, Henrik Kalmet – a famous Estonian actor, comedian and TV host – dives into the subject and aims to create a performance based on components that are most likely used in theatre productions invited to festivals. The performance is in English.

What: Festival of American cult films “Freedom Fries”
Where: Cinema Sõprus (Tallinn)
When:  February 25 – March 3

And again we have a reason to recommend cinema Sõprus to you, because starting next week, they are organizing a Festival of American cult films “Freedom Fries”. Movies from 1969 to 2015, from Lynch to Tarantino. Find your favorite! By the way, the tickets are already available and they tend to be sold out quite fast.

What: Ultima Thule’s birthday
Where: The Widget Factory (restaurant Aparaat, Tartu)
When:  February 27

If you are in the mood for some real Estonian rock music, then go listen to Ultima Thule. They have been one of the most influential and addictive rock bands of Estonia for decades and are celebrating their 29th birthday this year!

What: Trad.Attack! at Tallinn Creative Hub
Where: Tallinn Creative Hub (Tallinn)
When:  February 27

Trad.Attack!, the group busy fixing Estonian folk music on the world map, gives a concert in Tallinn Creative Hub on February 27. The group recently took home three awards from the Estonian Music Awards (including the best album and the band of the year). Last year, they gave 70 concerts in 16 different countries.

What: Eldbjorg Raknes concert
Where: Kumu auditorium (Tallinn) and Estonian Traditional Music Center (Viljandi)
When:  February 27 and 28

However, in case by the end of the week you are tired of the Estonian language and have a desperate need for something international, then go listen to Eldbjorg Raknes. She has been a leading vocal force in Norwegian contemporary jazz for over two decades and this time will be joined by Swedish pianist Oscar Grönberg for a intimate and deeply touching concert.

What: Exhibition “A Warrior’s Way. The History of Japanese Martial Arts”
Where: Kiek in de Kök (Tallinn)
When:  February 4 – April 10, 2016

Although it was opened already at the beginning of February, we feel this exhibition is worth recommending. The exhibition offers a rare chance to cast a glance into the samurai culture of the land of the rising sun and its reflections on today’s martial arts.

Photo: The Estonian Open Air Museum