Hande Akiman (37) is from Turkey and she has been living in Estonia for 3,5 years now.

Hande Akiman. Photo: Annika Toots

Online Movie Night and Discussion: “Revolution from Afar” (December 16)
If you do not want to go to the cinema but still want to watch a good movie and discuss about it, online film screenings are a perfect choice! As a part of Global Migration Film Festival, IOM Estonia and NGO Mondo will screen “Revolution from Afar” – a film about Sudan’s revolution in 2019 and how the Sudanese in diaspora received and interpreted the revolution. The screening will take place on December 16 at 19:00 and after that a panel will follow. Another film “Omar and Us” will be shown on December 18 at 19:00. It is about a retired Turkish soldier and how he is forced to question his prejudices towards his family and his new Syrian refugee neighbors.

Afrobeat Dance Workshop (December 16)
Connect your inner self with African music, rhythm, and tempo! Damilola from Nigeria will guide the guests through the colors of West Africa by native music. If you want to feel the energy and move a little instead of a layback evening, you can join them on at Siin & Sääl.

Heldeke: Online Quiz with Dan le Man (December 17)
If you want to stay at home and still enjoy and challenge yourself, you can join that online quiz by Dan le Man on December 17 at 20:00. The theme of the quiz is a mystery and some of the prizes so far were a candle, a strawberry, and a poster. So do not hesitate to go for the grand prix! If you do not want to join, you can just watch on YouTube as well. Enjoy!

Gift Days in Telliskivi Creative City (December 19–20)
Telliskivi Creative City is already a great destination to witness creativity and discover unexpected gems. Gift Days add more sophistication and variety to already existing energy of the city. If you are into design, creativity, authenticity, and originality, Gift Days will help you to expand your options.

One other option for discovering good quality Estonian design is Tallinn Design Tours which offers a custom made and unique design tour totally created for the client’s preferences. If you want to meet designers, visit their workshops, and learn more about Estonian creatives, you can join a tour yourself or present a tour to a friend as a Christmas gift.

Banned Books Museum (open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
Although most of the places will have to shut down due to the new restrictions, Banned Books will be open. Just recently started to welcome its visitors, Banned Books aims to exhibit how the concept of freedom of speech is defined and how it is changed throughout geographies and throughout time. There are several books from various countries. In terms of the banned contents of the books, the museum is full of surprises!