Jila Svicevic (29) is an interdisciplinary artist from Hungary/Serbia and she has been living in Estonia for 3,5 years now.

Jila Svicevic

I would like to recommend a diverse selection of events to spice up your Holidays, wishing that more of us could find something interesting to recharge and refresh our minds for the New Year.

Film screening: “Kim Ki-duk in memoriam 1960-2020” (December 16–22)
Last two days to catch the screenings of the films directed by one of the best East Asian film directors, Kim Ki-duk, who has suddenly passed away of COVID-19 while working on a new project in the Baltics. His works highlight some of the most fundamental questions about life and the purpose of the human being in it. There are still two films to be screened: “Samaritan Girl” (2004) and “Pieta” (2012)

Be there to experience enchanting and exotic cinema!

Flo Kasearu House Museum: “Call for dying houseplants!” (December 1 – January 6)
If you have any wilted or dried potted plants around home, don’t throw them away! Instead, you can donate them and contribute to Flo Kasearu’s solo show “Cut Out of Life”, which will open at Tallinn Art Hall on 8 January 2021. Kasearu’s upcoming work embodies the hindering of growth as a consequence of constant maltreatment and illustrates the suffering of women living with domestic violence.

You can bring your plants to Flo Kasearu House Museum (Pebre 8, Tallinn, by appointment) or we can pick them up from your location. Please contact Flo via Facebook Chat or call: +3725225622

More information on the Tallinn Art Hall page.

Exhibitions “Unseen oceans” (17.10.2020–25.04.2021) and “The Baltic Sea in the World Ocean” (17.10.2020–18.07.2021)
Most of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, yet the biggest part of it is still unexplored. The exhibition “Unseen Oceans” provides an insight to the current state of underwater explorations, it’s discoveries, innovative technologies and the researchers behind it. While we can admire the beauty of underexplored nature, we will face the most serious environmental problems that may be fatal to all, and the steps that must be taken to improve the situation.

The water of the Baltic Sea differs from waters of other seas and oceans. Do you know what makes the Baltic Sea so unique? “The Baltic Sea in the World Ocean” interactive exhibition offers a different perspective by the Estonian Maritime Museum. Experience about the unique environment of the Baltic Sea explored through local researchers.

Exhibition “Kodu ja rahu” (4.12.2020–28.02.2021)
If you feel like you can’t see out of your head or you are just looking for some thought-provoking contrast – exhibition “Kodu ja rahu” presents the theme of war and peace through the diverse synergy of works presented from three artists who complement each other. The selection of works tells a complex story in a language that is documentary but also poetic, chimerical but very physical.

Literature evening “Last Thursday” (December 31)
If at a venture you are looking to go “underground” on the last day of 2020, “k6vn” aka literature evening “Last Thursday” is a monthly event welcoming you with an open stage and mic, offering a stage for experienced performers and complete newbies, in any language. Here everyone is welcomed to read poetry or short stories, play guitar or any other instrument, sing or dance.