This kind of disappointing weather is actually the best weather to enjoy some culture indoors and there is plenty of that going on all over Estonia! Here is our weekly pick. Enjoy and keep warm!
Documentary evening #35: “Aim for the Roses”
06 Nov
Cinema Sõprus
Do you remember Ken Carter, a Canadian daredevil, who tried to fly from one continent to another with a self-made rocket-powered car? Probably not and it’s ok. Composer Mark Haney was very impressed by this venturous experiment and he published a conceptual, amazing and totally crazy musical album as a homage to Carter. Then the documentary filmmaker John Bolton came and put these two men and two stories together into one extraordinary musical docudrama.
Peeter Laurits’ curatorial exhibition “Dead Man’s Skis. How to describe the forest to digital rabbits”
20 Oct – 18 Nov
Vaal Gallery
Orchestrated with the help of 20 artists, the exhibition addresses a topic that applies to everyone these days: how to describe the forest to digital rabbits. The selected artists form a network, a rhizome, in which all parts differ substantially: they work using a variety of means of expression, are a variety of ages, and possess antithetical life experiences.  Peeter Laurits is a very well known and much loved
Just a Concert
07 Nov
Georg Otsa nimeline Tallinna Muusikakool
“Just a Concert” is a series of vocal music recitals designed by T&J DUO. T&J DUO is a startup music group created by the Estonian pianist Tiiu Sisask and the Chinese tenor Jie Yin. There will be quite some interesting international cooperations.
Indian dance concert “Sharadchandra”
07 Nov
Kumu auditorium
Ipshita Rajesh is presenting classical South-Indian dance Bharatanatyam through Life in Technicolour, a dance drama focusing on the eight emotions described in the Natyashastra.
Guided Tour around the Estonian National Opera
11 Nov
Estonian National Opera
This 1-hour guided tour and will help you  gain some insight into some of the many facilities the Opera House has to offer and what goes on behind the scenes before the curtain rises.
Presentation of the publication “Estonian child – mild and wild”
11 Nov
Writers’ House in Tallinn
Something fun to do with children! What is an Estonian child like? The answer to this question is sought in the book “Estonian child – mild and wild”, which reflects the life and activities of Estonian children. Step by step, it tries to find out what Estonian children are like, what they do and what they like. Estonian Institute will present the fresh publication “Estonian child – mild and wild” at the children’s morning “On ÜKS” at the Writers’ House.
25 dances
11 Nov
Vaba Lava / Open Space
If you are into contemporary dance, then this is the droid you are looking for! 25 dances is a performance for Fine5 Dance Theatre’s 25th anniversary. During these years Tiina Ollesk and Renee Nõmmik have worked with many wonderful dancers and creative artist.
The header picture is from the opening  of the exhibition  “Dead Man’s Skis. How to describe the forest to digital rabbits” and the author is Taavi Miisu Varm.