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USA: Estonian pavilion at Performa biennial in New York 01.11.2017 New York
United States of America

Estonia participates in the "Pavilion Without Walls" programme of the Performa biennial in New York.

Japan: concert tour of Tuulikki Bartosik 22.10.2017 Japan

On October 15-23, 2017, an internationally renowned, versatile Estonian musician and accordion player Tuulikki Bartosik will tour in 7 different places, from Tokyo to Nagano.

Belgium: The Archaeology of the Screen: The Estonian Example 22.10.2017 BOZAR

An exhibition bringing together artists working with different kinds of technology, and placing them in an historical context.

Belgium: exhibition 'Estonian History in Pictures' in Brussels 22.10.2017 Justus Lipsius ...

In Brussels, the Estonian Institute's new exhibition 'Estonian History in Pictures' is opened, which introduces the most important events and key figures in Estonian history during the period from 9000 BC to 2018 AD.

Belgium: exhibition of contemporary Estonian art "Kahe-vahel" 22.10.2017 Euroopa Parlament

From July 11 to the end of December 2017, the exhibition of contemporary Estonian art "Kahe-vahel" is open on the 3rd floor of the European Parliament in Brussels.

Finland: the third issue of 'Nippernaati', the Finnish-language anthology of Estonian literature 22.10.2017 Estonian House

In October 2017, Estonian Institute in Finland will publish the third part of the anthology series 'Nippernaati'.

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