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Tõrva Dokfest

On October 19-22, 2017, the documentary film festival 'Tõrva Dokfest' takes place in Tõrva cinema Koit for the fourth time.


Thursday, Oct 19

10:00-11:15 'My Human Self' Greece, 2017 (dir. Lukas Agelastos, Spiridoula Gouskou)
13:00-14:30 'Born in Syria' Denmark/Spain, 2016 (dir. Hernán Zin)
19:00-20:15 Opening movie: 'Help, I Need Love' Estonia, 2017 (dir. Minna Hint)
21:00 Opening of the festival. Music from DJ Britiimpeerium.

Friday, Oct 20

10:30-11.05 Animation programme for kindergarten children
15:00-15:20 'Extras. Close-up' Belarus, 2016 (dir. Alexander Zubovlenko)
16:30-17:40 'A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity' Australia, 2016 (dir. Jordan Osmond)
18:00-19:40 'Touched' Norway, 2016 (dir. Margreth Olin)
20:00-21:20 'Soviet Hippies' Estonia, 2017 (dir. Terje Toomistu)

From 22:00 Tõrva DokFest relax: album presentation by Seaduskuulekus + LGA live + Shromik DJ set + Brdie DJ set
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Saturday, Oct 21

13:30-14:30 'The Woman in the Picture' Estonia, 2017 (dir. Priit Valkna)
15:30-16:55 'Nothingwood' 2017 (dir. Sonia Kronlund)
17:30-18:55 '14 Cases' Estonia, 2017 (dir. Marianna Kaat)
After the screening Q&A with Marianna Kaat.
20:00-21:20 'Love' Estonia, 2017 (dir. Sandra Jõgeva), 3 € / 4 €, Doki Kild (Estonian Documentary Guild Colleague Award)
After the screening Q&A with Sandra Jõgeva.
The film features scenes that are not suitable for people under the age of 14.

On Saturday evening, there is also an entertainment programme.

Sunday, Oct 22

13:00-14:20 'Kedi' Turkey/USA, 2016 (dir. Ceyda Torun)
After the screening Q&A with Marcus Turovski.

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