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Time of warm wishes

In December, when there's Christmas rush everywhere, it's peaceful and forest-scented time of warm wishes in Pokumaa, just like the Poku calendar says.

That is why the special programme is offered also this year and visitors are especially welcome on December 8—17. Groups and corporate teams who wish to celebrate the end of the year together in the holiday mood are welcome on all the other days as well.

What's happening?
What would be a Christmas world without sweet activities and cozy moments or without a lovely show for the whole family? This way, Pokumaa will help you enter the beautiful and peaceful Christmas time, where warm wishes are found and delivered on time.

Aidi Vallik's play "Home of the Sun" is performed at the large hall of Pokukoda. It tells a story of little Kaur (Karl Edgar Tammi), who discovers one day that the sun is lost ... The confusion and sadness of the boy are exploited by Vanatühi (Peeter Volkonski), who drives the boy to the cold and wintery forest to look for the home of the sun. Fortunately, Vanatühi is not the only one who knows something about the home of the sun ...

The duration of the musical production for the whole family is 40 minutes.

Played by: Peeter Volkonski, Merle Jalakas, Karl Edgar Tammi and some pokus.
Author of the play Aidi Vallik, director Jaan Willem Sibul, artist Silver Vahtre, music Toomas Lunge.

Performances on December 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15 and 16, 2017.

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