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Tiina Sööt's and Mai Sööt's exhibition "Heli's clothes"

"Heli's Clothes" examines a middle-aged woman, in the current moment, and the clothes she wears.

This 57 year old woman is our mother Heli. We photographed her in different outfits that she owns.

Heli likes to buy, find, and try on clothes. This is why she has more of them than she could wear in a lifetime. Let's just say that two closets are not enough.

It is not our job to judge whether she has too many clothes and to say it is not practical to keep them all. On the contrary, we try to appreciate a person's hobby and means of self-expression. We see the contents of her closet as a unique collection.
The keywords of this project are charm, identity, and self-expression.

It is in Ladyfest Tallinn 2017 program.

Thanks to Eva Labotkin, Eesti Kultuurkapital, Heli Sööt, Ladyfest Tallinn 2017.