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Runic Song Room at Estonian National Museum

Runic Song Room is a series of events where experienced traditional musicians will be fore-singers and participants will have the opportunity to sing along.

February 17: singing with Karmen Linnamäe.
Karmen Linnamäe has studied psychology but is currently active in music therapy. In her work, she has also used the runic song and its elements. How could music as an art form be combined with music as a therapy?

March 17: Meelika Hainsoo
Meelika Hainsoo is a well-known folk musician and hiiu kannel and violin player. She has become known as the soloist of the ensembles Vägilased and Lepaseree. The purpose of Meelika has been breathing life into old runic songs and bringing Estonian folk dances back to the dance floor.

April 7: Mikk Sarv
Mikk Sarv is a folklorist and well-known outdoorsman. He is also one of the founders of the well-known runic song ensemble Hellero and popularizer of the runic song.

May 26: Tom Valsberg
Tom Valsberg has studied advertising, but he has become known as a traveler and popularizer of healing songs. He has been and is active in ensembles Somnambuul, Indigolapsed and Tane Mahuta.

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