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Rosamaría Bolom's exhibition "Pathways of Desire"

The opening of the exhibition of Rosamaría Bolom will take place at Kraam artist-run space on September 7 at 6 pm.

Capitalism as a religion, according to philosopher Walter Benjamin (1921), is a worship that feeds off of guilt and despair. Capitalism has created norms to regulate human behaviour and guarantee social order.

In 2009 Rosamaría Bolom did a reflection about how nowadays, restrictions originally imposed by religions have been manipulated by the System in order to assure its reproduction. The result were the masks showed in this exhibition.

Fear and violence (Anger), the commercialization of bodies, sex, abuse (Lust), irrational consumerism, the growing addiction to internet and smart technology, existential vacuum (Envy, Gluttony, Sloth), horizontal power relations (Pride) and individualism and human misery (Avarice) are clear evidence of how in the West as well as the rest of the world, capitalism has become the religion imposed on many people.

In that sense, the masks installation "Pathways of Desire" is a reflection on capitalism as a religion in the current time. The sonic-poem-installation "Interrupted Cosiness", will also be included as part of the installation.

Rosamaría Bolom (Mexico/Finland). Psychologist and sculptor of dreams in paper. She was working with otherness, language, collective processes, poetry and pedagogical tools that led her to reflect on cultural roots, everyday life, the economic system and the growth of empty stares. Rosamaría's artistic practice includes poetry, paintings, drawings, engravings, performance, photos and sculpture through the art of Mexican cartonería. She is constantly exploring reality and its pre-conceived constructions. From 2013 she's been involved at Third Space Collective as a co-founder and active member. Currently, she's also part of a La Colectiva-project that addresses the transfiguration of Latin American identity through experimental poetry.

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