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Nordic lifestyle week in Narva

Residents of Narva will learn everything about life in Northern Europe! On May 21–27, the week of the Nordic lifestyle will take place in Narva.

The main purpose of the event is to tell the people of Narva and the nearest cities about those models of life in Northern Europe that provide prosperity and stability to its inhabitants, as well as various tools that will allow to take on the positive experience of neighbours to improve life in Ida-Viru County.

A number of various cultural events will be organised during the week, with the help of which, the organisers intend to touch on many areas of everyday life: peculiarities of cuisine, fashion, design, sports, the upbringing of children, and, of course, art. The week starts with the screening of documentaries. A separate day will be dedicated to our future generation – our children. There will be sports events, too. The project is carried out in cooperation with the Narva Central Library, Narva Museum, and Äkke Sports Club.

On May 22, a culinary master class for students of the Ida-Virumaa Vocational Education Centre and local restaurateurs will be held at the Narva College of the University of Tartu. Top Estonian chefs Peeter Pihel and Artur Kazaritsky will talk about the peculiarities and tricks of Scandinavian cuisine. Some time ago, Peeter Pihel refused to serve as a sous-chef in the best Swedish restaurant Fäviken Magasinet and opted for his own business. Nowadays, he is the head of Kotzebue Bakery & Charcuterie, a cult place famous for the uniquely designed baked goods and exclusive handmade sausage products. The creative career of Arthur Kazaritsky extends from the shores of Britain to the Land of the Rising Sun. The Estonian media deservedly call him the brightest star of the Estonian culinary art abroad. A recent graduate of the Sillamäe Vocational School, in his late 20s, Arthur made a meteoric career as a chef. Currently, he works at the famous Michelin restaurant Kadeau in Copenhagen.

On 23 May, a landmark meeting will take place at the Narva College of the University of Tartu, in which representatives from the cities of Finland, Sweden, and Norway that have already borne the title of European Capital of Culture will take part. Narva has ambitious plans to obtain the status of ‘European Capital of Culture 2024’ and plans to enter the competition. The organisers are sure that the meeting where the European colleagues will share their experience and tell about all the potential difficulties and challenges will be very useful. All interested people of Narva are invited to participate – experts in the sphere of culture, education, tourism, and hospitality as well as active residents who would like to realise all their boldest ideas in the framework of the cultural project ‘Narva 2024’.

On 23 May, the final concert of the 5th season of the Narva Jazz Club will take place, with musicians from the Nordic countries as guests. Art exhibitions and documentary films from Scandinavian filmmakers telling about life in Northern Europe, as well as a series of lectures on social media and their role in the life of modern people are expected as part of the week. ‘It is no secret that Scandinavia lives a safe and steady life, but how are we worse? The representation of the Nordic Council of Ministers opened in Narva in 2015; for two years now, we have had the opportunity to adopt the experience of our Northern neighbours in the fields of culture, education, creative economy, and innovation. Why leave our native land, if, having received knowledge and working models, we can make life around us better?’ says Yevgeny Tymoshchuk, programme coordinator of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The Week of the Nordic lifestyle is organised with the efforts of the Narva College of the University of Tartu with the financial support of the Nordic Council of Ministers. Entrance to all events is free. Detailed information about the programme can be found on the Narva College website

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