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Magical 18 - Dark Romantic Evening in Rakvere

The magic and the dark romance give each other a hand. Two well-chosen acoustic or semi-acoustic musical groups step on the stage, whose music is also influenced by a mild mystical element.

Kallomäki (Finland, Symbolic Records)
Tont (Estonia)

Kallomäki from Finland carries out a folkloric-ritualistic purification concert, and Tont from Estonia forces all the evil that surrounds us to back away and he does it with his shamanic rhythms inspired by the sounds of nature.

Come and get rid of your demons. This is a concert that will save your life!

KALLOMÄKI (Finland, Symbolic Records)
Kallomäki started as a one-man pagan folk/metal project by Tero Kalliomäki (Embassy of Silence, Uinuos, Saattue, ex-Yearning). Music is mainly played by self-made electric jouhikko (bowed lyre) and shows and songs are related to Tero's myth about cult leader Roka Ukri. Soon after first demos were done with guest vocalists, Tero gathered a real band and Kalliomäki name changed to Kallomäki (skull hill). Instruments used in the band includes jouhikko, cello, shaman drum, bones etc., no guitars at all. The shows are shamanistic rituals with lots of improvised spells and blood. Debut album "Roka Ukri" will be released in August 2018 by Symbolic Records.

TONT (Estonia)
"Bones are drums, the bass is muscles, skin is tattooed with infinite patterns of nature," says Tont about his music, and continues, "in fact, all my stuff is inspired by journeys and nature, something that I've experienced myself, traveling, hiking ... I'm like a medium to others, through music." According to the only sound architect in Estonia, Taavi Tulev, Tont is the most shamanic musician in the Estonian musical landscape.

Free entry, voluntary donations are welcome.

Concerts starts 18:18 sharp.

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